Benefits of Integrating Video Conferencing API Into Your Existing App

View of team from behind open laptop in conference room, interacting with screenNow more than ever, virtual communication via mobile and desktop using video and voice API has become a must-have rather than a maybe. Communication platforms that unite friends and family with the businesses, products and services they love or are getting to know are continually evolving to be at the edge of growth.

The same technology is bringing us closer together across all online spaces. Student educator interactions, medical professional consults, enterprise-level meetings, trainings and seminars for employees, new business development with potential clients; All of this and more have surpassed just a trend to become a new way of life.

Video and voice API tools enable businesses to bring on cross-platform live video and voice touchpoints easily and quickly. Rather than spending too much time building from scratch, here’s why integrating video conferencing API into your existing app pays for itself:

1.  Experience Customization

A video conferencing or video chat API fits into your existing app because it has already been built and developed. Don’t be fooled, however. Just because the structure and framework are previously developed, the video chat API is still highly customizable. You can build your one-of-a-kind video application to provide unique video and voice experiences across a gamut of industries – retail, finance, education, healthcare, entertainment – across all major browsers and devices. Think custom navigation, virtual backgrounds, moderator controls and so much more.

2. Improved Communication

When multiple platforms are connected and designed to “speak” to each other, connection and output are made more available more often. Syncing with other technology, not only does video chat API work to improve internal communication by reaching and retaining employees, it serves as a way to land with customers too, whether by going live or on-demand. Whatever your message, you can create richer experiences that empower employees, reduce time-to-market and expand global reach.

3. Effective Cloud-Based Solution

Scalability, accessibility and centralization are all made possible to accommodate a bigger capacity of traffic, organization and storage with cloud-based video chat API. When choosing a fully integrated API, you don’t have to rely on using in-house servers which might crash. All the support you need to build on top of and manage your services is hosted and stored using a cloud-based solution.

Over the shoulder view of man interacting with student on laptop, seated at desk, moving hands and taking notes4. Enhanced Workplace Structure

The workplace can take on a different structure to accommodate both in and out-of-office employees. An adaptable workforce that can work from home, on the go, via mobile or in a different country is a reality with a video call API that keeps everyone connected. Improved flexibility and freedom stabilizes work-life balance, improves employee retention and also looks appealing when hiring new talent.

5. Optimized Conferencing Quality

With high quality video and audio capabilities that includes up to 1080p and full-sound bandwidth, a supportive video chat API for your business means peace of mind for every industry; Online learning, retail, telehealth, and HR become more dynamic and interactive when video integration is customizable, versatile and scalable!

6. Significant Travel Costs Saved

Whether on the other side of town or on the other side of the ocean, video chat API bridges the gap between client and customer. Any expenses incurred due to a site visit, new business development, a pitch, or sales demonstration is reduced (or non-existent!) and made much more affordable without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Plus, video chat API encourages both remote sales and working remotely.

7. Rapid Implementation

Rather than writing the code from scratch, figuring out the bugs and doing it all from square one, integrating a video chat API for Android and iOS can be set up in fractions of the time. Your business and team goals don’t have to be paused to find the extra resources to get it set up.

8. Less Expenditures

Reallocate resources like developers and designers who don’t have to spend so much time and energy building from the ground up. Plus, when your business chooses an API integration, it comes with all the bells and whistles that cover future maintenance, on-demand customer service, customized features and more.

9. Heightened App Security

Video conferencing API as a plug and play solution means everything has already been thought out, tested and developed before you use it, security measures included. Especially because video chat is primarily used on Android and iOS, you can expect access permission, bespoke codes, and encryption behind the scenes to keep video conferences running smoothly and intruder-free.

10. Added AI Capabilities

A superior video chat API that fits into your existing platform should come with AI capabilities so your business can hit the ground running. There’s no need to hire or outsource. Furthermore, AI allows for seamless customer support, and interactions to bolster internal and forward facing business exchanges like an AI-powered assistant that transcribes, filters content and saves to the cloud after every meeting.

Man in front of laptop and interacting with mobile camera on tripod, teaching in front of whiteboard in classroom11. Continuation Of Business As Usual

Relying on a video chat API takes the onus off essential resources and developers so they can continue to work on the tasks and projects that are imperative to the success of the business. The workflow can carry on as usual without disruption or misallocation.

There are times when it just doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel. Why go back to the drawing board spending countless hours, dollars and effort to build something from scratch when it’s already built for you to integrate?

With iotum, integrating video and voice API into your existing app gives your business a next level push in the direction of growth and scalability. Included in iotum’s platform is Video Calling, Voice Calling, Live Audio Streaming, Real Time Messaging, Live Video Streaming, Recording, and Analytics.

Additional features of the technology include a customizable solution for your app, group calling, screen sharing, an online whiteboard, audio and video call recording, the AI-powered virtual assistant Cue™ and top notch security. Learn more about how iotum connects you to the world with programmable video and voice here.

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