2022 TalkShoe Podcast Movement: Evolutions Wrap-Up

PodcastMovement 2022-EvolutionsPodcast Movement: Evolutions is a 2,000 person event that invites podcasters and industry professionals from around the world for an information-filled, high energy and super exciting 4-day event – and TalkShoe was there!

As per their website,“Think of [Podcast Movement] Evolutions as three single-track events, all happening simultaneously, with combined keynote talks, parties and networking events. Each track is carefully curated to be a well-rounded offering of discussions covering the spectrum of podcasting. So versus needing to decide what sessions to attend during each block, we do the hard work for you.”

Podcast Movement Evolutions covered topics including the latest research, tools, technology and information that pertains to creators, industry pros, companies and more. Take a look at some of the highlights that went down in sunny Los Angeles:

Photo of participantsAlongside TalkShoe’s media partner, Krantz Media Group Director of Content, we navigated the conference’s discussions, sessions and networking events. To start, the opening keynote with Will Ferrell (Big Money Players Network and The Ron Burgundy Show) and Conal Byrne (iHeartPodcast Network) not only made everyone laugh and chuckle, it also made everyone stop and think. The conversation was thoughtful and articulate and Will Ferrell spoke from the heart, opening up about how excited he is to showcase new talent while also sharing a bit about how he got to be quite possibly the funniest guy on the planet. Ferrell and Byrne carried on a conversation that had everyone eager to check out Ferrell’s podcast – especially the one where Ron Burgundy interviews Deepak Chopra. Stay tuned for more from Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network where he brings on up-and-coming comedians to give them a chance to share their humor and make a splash in the industry.

Opening keynoteWe started off strong with a “Branded Breakfast” from Sound That Brands – a branded podcast service that connects people and brands to their stories by promoting their content in the form of a podcast sponsored by a brand with zero advertising. With their tagline, “Be the content, not the interruption,” Sound That Brands discussed how even though branded content can be challenging, it’s important to figure out if it can help your brand succeed. We learned that advertising promotes the product, while true sponsorship opens up the traits behind the product – the sweet spot where brands should strive to be.

While branded content isn’t for everyone, it’s still an untapped resource that has proven it can be successful for the right brand – like for Trader Joe’s and their five-part podcast series called “Inside Trader Joe’s” that focuses on “the way the retailer does business.” Hosted by Tara Miller and Matt Sloane, these two personalities take listeners on a journey behind closed doors to bring to life what it’s like as a crew member or the CEO (yep, he’s a real person) and discuss real Trader Joe topics – even their parking lot issues. They were guests on the panel and had plenty of insider info to share.

Podcast-Movement-conferenceThere were so many players and interesting people from around North America and beyond, including Ben Bradbury, Head of Audio at Workweek) to connect with. In fact, we couldn’t walk anywhere without running into familiar faces or getting stopped to chat about new and upcoming technology. We spoke to the Head of Product, Jordan Hauge at Podopolo who are creating an app that not only makes podcasting interactive, it makes it social by matching you to the podcasts that light up your passions and interests.

We met Toby Goodman, creator of the Listen Better Marketing Podcast, Joelle Aya CEO of Minting House Agency who works with podcasters and creators to come up with cutting-edge podcast advertising and influencer marketing services and Manny Faces, President of Manny Faces Media.

In the discussion, “Podcasting Under Pressure; Lessons from Making a Podcast Every Day,” we learned how there is so much more to podcasting than what meets the ear – especially when you’re cranking out fresh, hot content every day. Thanks to the producers from ABC News, and producers from ESPN, we got a real look at how these daily news crews have to imagine Tuesday as the new Friday, pull out insights and info essentially BEFORE it happens and bring out the best and most interesting headlines in news media and sports for their listeners.

ihEART ShotFriday and Saturday provided extra informative talks too:

“Making Great Sh*t On Time, On Budget and On Point” from Spoke Media was straightforward and had plenty of insight – especially when it comes to deadlines and how even tight limitations can lead to big creativity!

Hosted by the podcasters Good Moms, Bad Choices, their talk “How Authenticity Can Leverage Your Podcast” was an in-depth discussion about how finding your authentic voice to grow your show can bring in unique opportunities that help you shine in the podcasting space – no matter how niche or outspoken you might be.

Then, of course, there were a few parties where we got to meet and mingle. On the rooftop terrace at the Grammy Museum, hundreds of chatty podcasters got to sip and snack. It was a beautiful night filled with conversation and business card swapping – with Paris Hilton spinning in the background. Brought on by iHeart Radio, Hilton wore her sparkliest outfit while throwing down classic hits. We got to meet more creators and podcasters doing incredible things – from a fashionista helping women over 40 reinvent their style in the Fashion Crimes Podcast to a doctor who interviews veterans to bring their inspiring stories to life on Home Base Nation!

Los-angeles NightAnd that’s a wrap for the 2022 TalkShoe Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles!

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