17 Businesses You Can Start From Home Using Video Conferencing

Young woman cutting tomatoes and teaching cooking class in stylish kitchen in front of opened laptopLiving through a pandemic has been tough on everyone. From small town folk to big city people around the world, in some way, we’ve all been touched by a new way of life. Maybe you sought out video conferencing for a new way to work from home. Or maybe you jumped on the video chat bandwagon to stay in touch with older relatives and start a new tradition of socializing virtually.

But did you know you can build a business online too – from home? With just a few hundred dollars, a bit of video conferencing expertise and the right platform that sets you up for success, you can start making money from your computer.

Here are 17 businesses you can create online from home using what you already know, or can learn:


All sorts of learners need extra help with certain subjects. Starting a tutoring and teaching service doesn’t require much money to get started, plus students will provide the learning materials they need help with. Use video conferencing to teach one on one or try breakout rooms to oversee multiple students.


Whether for IT, online security, dating, social media and more, market your expertise and be the face of your brand when it comes to offering consulting services. Attract prospects and retain clients with frequent online meetings from anywhere, at any time.

Managing Web Design

Tech savvy or willing to spend a bit of time learning? Even if you don’t have experience as a web designer, you can find and hire and carve out a business that brings in money. Managing the process is the part a lot of businesses don’t want to do, but can be easily done on a device at home. Use a video conferencing solution that comes with screen sharing to walk your clients through amendments and presentations.

Menu Planner

Love working with food? Apply that passion to designing meal plans for those on the go. Record yourself taking the client through steps and tips to post on your site, or live stream to YouTube with informative webinars.

Personal Trainer

Working out requires motivation, especially if your client can’t get to the gym. If you’ve got a background in health and fitness, or can partner up with professionals, align to create a workout routine and package. Host live events, provide private consultations and host check-in meetings via an easy-to-use video conferencing platform.

(alt-tag: Woman sitting on stylish loveseat working on laptop in trendy loft space with rustic floors and modern design.)

Woman sitting on stylish loveseat working on laptop in trendy loft space with rustic floors and modern design

Virtual Assistant

Similar to being a personal assistant, a virtual assistant relies on digital tools like video conferencing, project management and others to get the job done. You can work remotely but still respond to emails, plan online meetings, make arrangements, etc. Plus, you can market specific skills for certain clients. Got a background in copywriting? You can specialize in that as a virtual assistant, as well.


Nowadays, everything is recorded. If you can type fast, you can start a business transcribing legal items like court hearings, cases and lawyer notes. Or, it can be more journalistic like interviews. Even events, presentations and speeches might need to be transcribed. Use a video conferencing platform to send and receive files, and join a conference call when necessary.


Become a coach and take on clients as 1:1, small groups or even large groups! You can coach in many different industries and provide valuable facetime via video conferencing. Use features like speaker and gallery views depending who you’re speaking to and how you want your message to come across. Text chat is very handy in group sessions, too!


Familiar with a certain topic? Make a splash online and get writing. Share your knowledge and team up with others to enhance your message and add a different angle. Try video conferencing to connect with thought leaders for interviews and use video content across your social media platforms.


If you know how to program and code, starting a developer business can be quite lucrative. Take advantage of the video conferencing screen sharing feature to help navigate clients and offer support in real-time.

Social Media Consultant

Manage a business’ or individual’s account from wherever you are and connect via frequent video chats to touch base about trends, launches and campaigns.

Woman in office space at desk with coffee cup and papers spread out, talking with her hands and interacting with opened laptopProject Management

Some businesses might have a dedicated project manager, but many do not. Try it part-time or full time and stay on track with virtual meetings that use integrations like Slack to empower how you work with others online.

(alt-tag: Woman in office space at desk with coffee cup and papers spread out, talking with her hands and interacting with opened laptop.)

Business Planning

Already have a successful online business? Show eager learners how you got started and develop that knowledge into a course or coaching biz.

Logo Design

Work with your client to design a beautiful logo that captures who they are and how they want to say it. Work using the online whiteboard during video chats and show your work via a remote presentation.

Personal Chef

Send out a box of goodies beforehand, then walk your learners through the recipes, step by step. With video chatting, you can see what they’re doing right or wrong and course correct right there! It’s almost like you’re sharing a kitchen.

Online Content Produce

Content is king and everyone is looking for new ways to say something! Create and produce content from wherever you are for a business or individual, or start creating your own to see where your own brand can take you.


Whether you teach how to play an instrument, a yoga class or sushi making class, a video conferencing platform gives you the online tools to help you expand your audience and connect with your learners.

With FreeConference.com, you can package your know-how and create an offering that speaks to your niche and audience. Get noticed when you launch, run and grow your online business using free video conferencing software. Enjoy features like Screen Sharing, and Recording, or upgrade for Live Streaming to YouTube and more.

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