Web Conferencing 101: What It Is And How It Works

video conferenceWhether for work or for play, you might be finding yourself connecting to people via your device more and more these days! Maybe you’re using video conferencing to keep in touch with friends and family, or you’re watching another great webinar put out by one of your favorite influencers. These are just two of the many ways in which web conferencing and web conferencing tools shape how we learn, communicate, and remain present in an online landscape.

If you’ve got a device, an internet connection, and the free web conferencing software that comes loaded with all the bells and whistles for a fully integrated experience, you are well on your way to exploring this exciting digital platform!

Still not fully sure how web conferencing works or what it can do for you? No sweat! Read on and we’ll break down just how easy and totally life-changing this technology can be.

What is Web Conferencing?

Simply put, it’s an all-encompassing term that bundles together communication by use of presentations, conferences, and training held online via the internet or by dialing-in. Web conferencing software allows users to have a modern online meeting experience with other users from anywhere in the world, at any time, at their fingertips!

Web conferencing is a collaborative online meeting hub that breaks down physical barriers like long commute times, distance, travel, accommodation, lengthy in-person meetings, and more, by providing the digital space and platform to meet.

Web conferencing technologies come with a suite of offerings that add dimension to any online session like:

  • One-on-one Meetings
  • Teleseminars
  • Webinars
  • Product Demonstration
  • Online Workshops
  • Remote Sales Presentations
  • And so much more!

…that can implement the following web conferencing tools such as:

web conferenceWeb conferencing programs are designed to fill the space between how we work and play in the real and virtual world. So many aspects of business become empowered when you can support your clients remotely. Consider how a conferencing service enhances the immediate availability of the customer service you provide to clients, or your employee’s continuing education online or 24/7 IT support or healthcare via chat, or online appointment.

These and more are just a few of the ways in which web conferencing brings us online and
enriches how we gain skills and transfer our energy in a business setting.

Sound exciting? There are so many avenues and possibilities once you know how to properly integrate web conferencing into your business plan or see how it benefits your overall communication with anyone.

Let’s get a closer look at how web conferencing functions as a whole.

How Does Web Conferencing Work?

With many conferencing providers on the market, each with their own unique brand and selection of offerings, it’s not difficult to get lost or feel overwhelmed.

Some web conferencing solutions only offer chat for text-based group discussions, whereas other platforms are more able-bodied, providing conference calling, video conferencing, and more.

That means, you can have an online meeting with audio only, or you can use your camera and turn it into a video conference, webinar, etc. It’s advantageous to have both, especially for companies hosting web conferences, conducting interviews, or using a live streaming server to host Q&As, teach a class, or demo a product – in real-time! The choice is yours.

Depending on the purpose of your web conference, you might require a few or many participants. Rather than point-to-point conferencing which supports point A to point B, and vice versa, multi-point video conferencing provides multiple points to support group video conferencing that enables up to 1,000 participants to see, hear, share and collaborate together.

Other than the hardware, web conferencing solutions for large and small groups that come with regular web browser software tend to be easier to work with. This gives participants easy access and bypasses complicated, expensive setups that could lead to delays.

Avoid disruption, interruption, and difficult technology that isn’t user friendly by opting for browser-based, zero-download web conferencing software.

web conferenceWeb Conferencing Software

In order to pull off a web conference that lands well with participants, start by getting to know how the software works. Choose a platform that is simple, intuitive, and doesn’t require a lot of steps.

Look for tools that make meetings work for you, like video conferencing, an online meeting room, and screen sharing – three of the most valuable features you can use to have clear and effective sessions online.

Get more interactive with additional features like call scheduling, pin-less entry, moderator controls, SMS notifications, active speaker, live support, invitations, and reminders, etc., that make syncs more personable, organized, and add to the quality of the web conference. They cater to participants by creating a more polished and professional experience.

Web conferencing software is designed to embolden the way you communicate with high-quality audio and video technology that makes meetings, lectures, online classes – any two-way group communication – more dynamic and collaborative.

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