What is the best free conference call service?

lady on phone with headsetTaking care of a growing small business means your communication has to be delivered smoothly and come through loud and clear. If you’ve got international callers, you’ve got time zones, call quality, and conference call telephone numbers to take into consideration! Plus, you want to be polished and professional while keeping costs low.

So you need conferencing software that opens up the lines of communication to keep customers in the loop, employees connected and clients interested in your offering! Whatever you’re providing, whether that’s reaching out to your community or providing tutorials and webinars for students or workers looking to upgrade their skill set, there’s a solution for you!

But with so many free conference call services available, all offering free calls, free plans, and free versions, how are you to decide which is the best free conference call service for your budding or full-fledged business?

Best Free Conference Call Services Compared

Right off the bat, what makes for an outstanding free conference call service?

First, what are you looking for? Do you need conference calling software, video conferencing, or both?

Second, start comparing the free features offered. How many are available? Which ones will assist you in showcasing your offering in the best light or help you bridge the gap between “in real life” and online meetings?

Then, break down what kind of platform is utilized. Think about who will be using it and who you will be communicating with. Is it easy to use? Secure? What’s the set up involved?

Let’s cut through the clutter and take a look to see how these best conference call services stack up.

3. Free Conference Calling

Reliable clear audio calling that comes with a full offering of features designed to enhance the experience, Free Conference Calling allows you to call anytime from anywhere. With an on-demand conference line, conference call reporting and calls that cater to a large capacity of participants, Free Conference Calling provides individuals and non-profits:

However, Free Conference Calling doesn’t include video conferencing. There is no video conferencing call feature or the additional collaborative and productive features that come along with it.

2. Free Conference Call

This service provides a well-rounded conferencing solution that includes both audio and video conferencing; with screen sharing, recording, and global access. Having an international network that provides high-quality, reliable, and simple-to-use services positions their product as “everything you ever wanted in a conference call.”

A reservation-less conference call service, Free Conference Call appeals across different industries, offering a free tier with free online services:

Free Conference Call is a totally free service, however, it doesn’t include very much online storage space for call recordings – at 1GB which works out to be 90 minutes of video. There are no upgrades or extras.

1. FreeConference.com


If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to technology that allows you to make crystal clear important calls and implement both audio and video conference calling for FREE, FreeConference.com is the two-way group communication platform that incorporates everything mentioned above and more:

  • Free Conference Calls
    Call whoever, wherever, without limitations – just freedom!
  • Free Video Conferencing
    Meet face to face without the fuss! Zero downloads required.
  • Free Screen Sharing
    The ultimate tool perfect for navigating an audience in real-time to discuss complicated topics visually or show an audience around an online space.
    Free Screen Sharing is particularly helpful for:

    • Education: Distance Learning, Study Groups, Remote Training Sessions
    • Charity and non-profit: Support Group, Committee Meetings, Prayer Lines,
    • Coaching: Live Support, One-on-one Client Meetings, Consulting
    • Business: Management Meetings, Briefings, Onboarding

Free Online Meeting Room
A private, on-demand virtual meet-up space where everyone can convene before the actual meeting begins.

  • Free Web Conferencing
    Send out your URL to participants so they can join the web meeting and get conferencing.
  • Free International Conference Calling
    Make an international conference call to any of the 15 included countries.
  • Free Call Participants Up To 100
    …with the option to add more!

Plus, these game-changing features:

  • Free Online Whiteboard
    For better collaboration and more dynamic meetings, express ideas with shapes, color, and images.
  • Free Document Sharing
    Keep everyone on the same page when you can share and access documents immediately.
  • … All for FREE!

laptop on deskFreeConference.com provides you with the tools you need so you can continue to work to bring communities closer together, empower remote work, keep your business moving, and connect to higher learning.

With more reliable communication comes more clients, better engagement, higher productivity and improved collaboration.

FreeConference.com adds a layer of professionalism and makes your communication strategy more inclusive to positively impact all sorts of uses:

How Much Do Conference Calling Services Cost?

These free conferencing calling services are exactly that – FREE!

But if you want a few more bells and whistles, there are paid options that build on top of the free offerings to provide you and your business with more value at a great price!

Open up a FreeConference.com account and discover all the paid options available to help support your small to midsize or solopreneur business:

  • Video And Call Recording
    Record, save and share to watch later for the first time or catch everything all over again.
  • Smart Meeting Summaries
    Capture and retrieve every detail from any meeting in seconds.
  • 100+ Web Participants
    Host high capacity teleseminars that reach a large audience and touch the lives of many.

It’s easy to set up and easy to use! FreeConference.com uses browser-based technology that requires ZERO downloads. This way, anyone can opt-in, start an online meeting, and get going without wasting precious time.

There are no complications, no delays, and no set-up.

Upgrade to a paid plan, and you can get free conference call dial-in numbers plus free international dial-in numbers, so you reach and scale your business or community around the globe. It’s the go-to for providing toll-free conference call numbers in 15 different countries including Canada, the United States, Germany, the UK, Australia, and Singapore.

Remote worker? CEO on the go? Stay-at-home mom balancing her business and baby?

FreeConference.com comes with a mobile app available for both Android and iPhone, putting you in charge of when, where and how you want to start or schedule a high-quality conference call – right at your fingertips!

For added convenience, you can seamlessly integrate and schedule with your FreeConference.com account using Google Calendar (coming soon) and Microsoft Outlook.

Let FreeConference.com provide you and your brand, company or small business the best conference call service that caters to your growing needs by offering FREE services and features plus paid upgrades to match your increasing demand.