What Do I Need for Web Conferencing?

lady with laptopWhen it comes to web conferencing software, there are plenty of options available that offer many communication solutions whether for work or play. To help cut through the clutter, here’s exactly what will come in handy in terms of hardware and software to have an effective web conference.

For starters, you will want to find a web conferencing solution that’s easy to navigate, effective in terms of offerings that are collaborative, and productive, and caters to the unique requirements of your communication needs both professionally and personally.

Let’s drill this down a little more.

Essential Need #1 – Device

laptopYour device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone is the viewing screen from which you connect to a two-way communication platform. Browser-based web conferencing technologies that are compatible across multiple devices make for a hassle-free sync. Furthermore, there’s no hardware to install. Just an easy connection with no complicated set-up – and less chance of delays or interruption.

For a successful online meeting experience, the web conference software you choose should be accessible without downloads or via an app. This is especially handy for tablets and smartphones so you can stay in touch while on the go, wherever you go!

Essential Need #2 – Speaker and Microphone

The two most integral aspects of web conferencing, both your speaker and microphone give you the power to hear and be heard. Especially if you have to keep track of your bandwidth usage, conference calling is a less data-heavy option that gives you a simple and straightforward way to have online meetings using only your device’s speaker and microphone.

Connect to one caller or have a multi-person web conferencing session for work: Conduct multi-caller interviews, one on ones, online meetings with remote workers, brainstormings, client briefings, weekly status meetings, progress reports, etc.

Or connect to others for play: Schedule chats to stay in touch with relatives overseas, video chatting with friends, having a multi-person conversation from different locations, etc.

Essential Need #3 – Video Camera

gallery-view-laptopA web conferencing tool isn’t maximized to its full potential without video capabilities. A device with a video camera immediately gives you the next level of communication. From conference calling to video conferencing, you now have both means at your fingertips to connect to those near and far.

Web conferencing options that include video conferencing put you face to face in real-time with other participants, or you can use the platform to record in advance. In real-time, your web conference is optimized for all kinds of different uses:

  • Remote Sales Presentation
    Leave a lasting impression with potential clients when you can face them from the comfort of your own workspace while still taking them through a persuasive presentation. Lead your local team, direct remote workers, and show clients your findings with web conference slideshow functions that include a video component to build rapport.
  • Face-to-face Interview
    Whether you’re the interviewer or interviewee, web conferencing enabled with video makes for a more dynamic meet-and-greet. Get a better handle on a candidate or role when you are faced with someone’s body language and reactions immediately. Plus, tone of voice is better captured through video, so there’s less chance of misunderstanding or poorly received messages.
  • Online Teaching
    Teachers can really drive home their lessons when they have facetime with students. This helps to solidify authority and increase trust while reminding students that there is a living, breathing educator on the other side of the screen able to support them with their studies and offer guidance.
  • Coaching
    Coaches really have a lot of gain from web conferencing with video. This gives any coach, from personal development to counseling and beyond, a more forward-facing approach that creates a bond and provides a safety net for clients.

Video conferencing needs are met with a web conferencing platform that provides you with a high-quality audio and video solution across different industries and uses. Give participants a place to meet in the online meeting room where they can convene before the meeting gets underway. The host decides to moderate how callers enter the meeting by giving callers the option to choose whether they want to turn on the video camera or not.

Essential Need #4 – Collaboration Tools

With the added benefits of collaboration tools, a successful web conference that gets work done or connects you to your favorite people is easier and more interactive than ever before. These tools can be used while in a conference call or video conference.

Empower every online meeting with collaborative features that bridge communication and connection:

  • Use screen sharing where you can literally bring other participants onto the same page as yourself. Whatever is on your screen is seen by others for easier and more interactive training, presentations, and enhanced overall collaboration.
  • Can’t make it to a meeting? Want to watch the highlights later? A recorded web conference gives you the luxury of saving your call exactly as it happened. Every detail is captured so you can better understand how decisions were made, ideas were created and timelines were formed.
  • Instant messaging is the perfect tool to message the group as a whole or privately message a participant for detailed information while the meeting is unfolding. Need clarity on a name, address, or phone number? Fire off a quick message and get a quick response.

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