How an Online Conference Call Voice Recorder ​Makes Meetings Better

How an Online Voice Recorder Can Help Your Meetings Be More Productive

What makes meetings unproductive? There are a myriad of reasons, but the one that we will be focusing on for this article is lack of accountability. Sure, agreeing to something is great, but if nothing gets done as a result, why bother meeting in the first place? When you have an online voice recorder, all of your meetings are recorded and distributed to all of your participants, meaning there are no excuses for letting jobs fall by the wayside.

Interesting MeetingAn online conference call voice recorder is a tool that can be used with any paid plan. The recorder simply records the entire meeting, and can be an invaluable source of clarity if there is disagreement on what was said. It can also provide you with a valuable tool to follow up with meeting attendees to recap.

How to Start’s Online Conference Call Voice Recorder

Recording deviceThere are a few ways to activate your online voice recorder. Audio-only conference calls can be recorded by pressing *9 on your keypad, as long as you are the moderator of the call. Online conference calls can be recorded by clicking on the Record button at the top of your online dashboard.

Both audio and video calls can also be set to record automatically by enabling automatic recording from the scheduling page. If you set your conference to record automatically, guests that join your call will be informed that the call is being recorded as they enter.

Why Should I Record a Call?

Call recording can give you a reference to help clarify the notes that you have taken during the meeting. It can also provide a full record of the decisions made at a meeting, as well as help you determine outcomes if multiple people are speaking at once.

If you needed another reason to use an online voice recorder, consider that people act differently when they know that they are being recorded. Telling people that you are recording them is sometimes enough to get them to be more accountable in the workplace.

What are Free Conference Call Recording Best Practices?

Best PracticesIt is always a good idea to take your own notes. Doing so can help you capture nuances, impressions, and other subtleties that a transcription could miss.

Next, be sure that all meeting attendees are aware that the meeting is being recorded. You don’t need to make a big deal about it, but is a common courtesy when it comes to recording. This is especially important if you have a speaker with a proprietary presentation, in which case you should discuss permissions prior to starting the meeting.

Why is it Important to Supply Meeting Minutes to Meeting Attendees?

After the meeting, be sure to provide attendees with a written set of minutes that summarizes what was talked about and what was agreed upon. This can be a blend of your own notes and your meeting transcription, but it is essential to give your meeting participants a way to easily see what was agreed upon during the meeting.

The ideal way to set up meeting minutes is using a 3-column format: topic on the left, description in the centre, and person responsible on the right. This method ensures that there are no miscommunications after your meeting, and that everyone knows how to move forward.

An Online Voice Recorder Can Help You Save Time and Have More Productive Meetings

Saving TimeAlthough’s online voice recorder is not free, it is a small monthly price to pay to know that each meeting you hold will be productive, and your team will have no excuses for forgetting about what they agreed to. offers a range of paid plans that will fit any budget or need. If you’d like to try the free version of and experience free teleconferencing, download-free video, screen sharing, web conferencing, and more, you can create a free account today.

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