Why Video Conferencing Is The Tool You Need For Your Best Fantasy Sports League Yet

Diehard sports fans, this one is for you. If you thought fantasy sports leagues couldn’t get any more fun, this just in – it can. Your adored fantasy football or baseball league can get exponentially more entertaining and engaging by adding in the element of video conferencing.

Fantasy FootballCreating a fantasy sports league is your chance to let your passion for sports shine. While it may not be “real,” it is still high-stakes and extremely competitive, and arguably, pretty darn real especially if you’re playing for keeps! Leading up to the first week, undoubtedly, you’ve pored over player statistics for hours, spent countless nights researching players and matchups and fiendishly fussing around with lineups over and over again to come up with the golden team that will win in your league. It’s time to show off your starting lineup and bring home some winnings!

Each year, when everyone comes together there’s always new things to look forward to, but why not up the ante and add in a whole new layer of excitement? This is where video conferencing can really be the touchdown you need to make this the best, and maybe the most emotional, season yet. Let’s kickoff!

Host A Live Draft Party

First things first. You have to duke it out with the rest of the league to see who gets which players. Let video conferencing step in to make this part even more fun. If you and your friends are in different corners of the world, fear not. Video conferencing provides a meeting room where everyone can sign in, meet up and watch the expression on each other’s faces when Matt in Manchester steals Amber in Rotterdam’s supposed QB. Everyone gets to be a part of the fun. Just remember to have a loose agenda, so everyone can pitch in and everyone is on time!

Having a live party? That’s great too, who doesn’t love nachos and wings to go along with the theme? Bring in any out of town friends via video conferencing and you’ve got everyone in one place! GAME ON.

Implement A Weekly Press Conference

Sports GameEvery league has a commissioner who writes up a weekly summary to keep people in the know. Scrap the extra work, and get everyone to log in for a quick video chat. Thanks to the wonders of technology and video conferencing, you can take on the role of your favorite sports broadcaster and put on your own mini press conference. Throw together a segment, predict what will happen next week, even throw on a suit a la Don Cherry and see what your friends have to say.

Create A Blog For The League

Did you have a great video conference session with someone from your league? Was it a conversation so enlightening, you want to share it with your friends and their friends? Consider using smart meetings summaries where all the details of your discussion are packaged together. This is perfect for making sure no player statistic or prediction gets left out and can be the perfect springboard for turning a conversation into content. A blog helps keep everyone in the loop, from inside your league and beyond.

Commiserate And Celebrate Together

SportsThere’s no question about it. Sports can be very emotional and cause people to laugh out loud or fall to their knees crying. Video conferencing your friend (or multiple friends) on the spot to share in the misery or yell at the TV about the referee’s questionable call, together in unison, is a bonding experience. This is how video conferencing can be optimized for sports – you can watch the same thing together but be miles apart.

Fantasy sports leagues are already a whole barrel of fun especially when everyone involved takes it seriously. Watch how emotions flare up when the games really begin. This season, it’s your chance to use video conferencing (and more!) to kick it up a notch. Signing up with FreeConference.com means you and your league get to really be in each other’s business with Screen Sharing, Unlimited Conference Calls, Instant Conferencing (No scheduling required), a Personal Online Meeting Room and so much more.

Liven up your team spirit by adding video conferencing with even more additional features through FreeConference.com, right here.