Beyond Twilio: iotum - Your Video Upgrade Path

Feeling abandoned by Twilio’s recent ‘Programmable Video End of Life’ announcement? No worries – iotum has your back! As Twilio steps back, we step forward, providing a seamless transition to an enhanced video experience. Our focus on security, customizable solutions, effortless integration, and global dependability makes iotum the ideal choice for those left in the lurch.

Why iotum:

  • Security Assurance
  • Tailor-Made Pathways
  • Low-Code Ease
  • Application OR No-Download WebRTC
  • Global Dependability

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Seamless Video Migration: iotum - Your Next Chapter

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Unlock Your Video Potential: Choose iotum, Not Limitations

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Secure and Private

Rest easy with iotum’s CPaaS service, offering robust security measures and a commitment to privacy. Unlike Zoom, we prioritize your data, with no compromise on encryption keys, ensuring your communications stay safe and confidential.

Customizable Pathways with Prebuilt Widgets

Tailor your video experience with iotum’s a la carte pathways. Whether it’s telemedicine, education, field service, gaming, or call centers, our customizable frameworks align perfectly with your brand. Say goodbye to the limitations of Zoom’s one-size-fits-all approach we offer easy to embed already thought though user experiences., 

Effortless Integration

Embrace simplicity with our low-code/no-code Video API. iotum ensures an easy transition, empowering you to integrate video functionality seamlessly into your applications without the hassle of complex coding.

Application Based OR Zero Download WebRTC

Choose flexibility with iotum. Experience hassle-free video interactions through our zero-download WebRTC solution or seamlessly embed video directly into your app. No more heavy-lifts or mandatory downloads—just instant, accessible communication.

Dependable Performance

Trust in iotum’s worldwide, high-volume servers that deliver secure, reliable, and high-definition video across various protocols, including WebRTC, RTMP, HLS, or PSTN. Count on us for a dependable video solution tailored to your specific needs.

We Build Easy-To-Implement, Secure, Customizable Video Conferencing API at an Affordable Price

iotum’s programmable video and voice – optimized to fit into your already existing app – is built by local developers only. Your business is our business which means calls are only routed via secure locations using WebRTC technology (zero downloads required) for extra security that gets updated on a regular basis.

Simply plug-and-play our secure video conference API for the next best thing
to being “in-person.

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