What Is The Safest Video Conferencing Platform?

man with a laptopWith an influx of video conferencing solutions available online, it’s a wonder how we ever actually lived without them in the first place. How we stay in touch, drum up new clients, and exponentially grow a network and team is the convenient reality we live every day.

Now more accessible and affordable than ever before, video conferencing software gives way for an incredible amount of business and operations to take place regardless of location, distance or time. Plus, it’s easy. Wires, cords and a complicated set up isn’t part of the package these days!

Video conferencing services provide a communication platform that dramatically enhances how you’re able to connect with others. Whether you run a mom and pop shop, are a remote worker or high-level executive, video conferencing can significantly (and positively!) affect the quality of connection and output.

Think about how free video conferencing bulks up your:

  • Online business
    Go beyond just being a “local” business and reach out to clients overseas or a few cities over.
  • Virtual Social Gatherings
    Connect with family and friends near or far to play online games or catch up over coffee.
  • Training Sessions
    Upgrade employee’s skill sets with online webinars and tutorials.
  • Online Coaching
    Host one on ones or group sessions to maximize earning potential and expand your clientele.
  • Campaign fundraising
    Reach your goals and hit your numbers when you can easily plan the next step within the organizing committee.

Such benefits and functional advantages come with the concern of online security and safety. By scaling your online presence, you could be opening yourself up to unwanted visitors and questionable online activity.

Ensuring the highest level of cyber protection needs to be a top priority when selecting the best free video conferencing software. Amidst the potential for hacking information, security breaches and privacy, here are a few things to consider.

What is the most secure video conferencing platform?

video callIf your business relies on video chatting and conference calling to align with colleagues, hire talent or prospect new clients, choose a free video-conferencing website that has security measures in place to protect you and your data. When it comes to maintaining privacy and security online, it’s important to remember just how much these two measures play a significant role.

Together, they actively protect how you are present and who you are in the presence of online.
Separately, privacy protects your user identity from being exposed and shared, and security safeguards the real-time access of the data you’re exchanging and transmitting.

You need both privacy and security to ensure a safe and secure online existence.?

Once privacy and security take precedence, it’s a little easier to make a more informed choice when it comes to selecting the best free video conferencing app. Keep an eye out for options and features that work hard to keep you safe, like encryption, moderator and privacy controls…

… And three forward-facing features that take your privacy and security seriously at every online transaction and meeting:

  • Security Code
    When discussing confidential information, add a conference security code to the meeting for reservation-less and scheduled calls. Only those with the code are granted access to the meeting.
  • Meeting Lock
    Start your meetings by locking the session to keep out unauthorized participants from intruding. Latecomers are still welcome but will be required to ask for permission.
  • One Time Access Codelady video call
    Choose from using a default access code or a randomly generated one-time access code that is unique to the call. Encrypted and bespoke, it is only valued for a specific call and for its duration.

*Meeting Lock and One-Time Access Code are available with paid plans.

Which is the safest video calling app?

The best video conferencing app will offer you peace of mind when engaged in a video conference from your desktop or mobile app. Turn your iPhone or Android device into a mobile conference call meeting spot wherever you are. Feel the same level of security and privacy from your device when you connect to your meetings on the go.

Consider the following items that ensure a secure video conferencing experience using the app or browser-based software:

  • 100% Information Security
    Your information stays with your provider. It shouldn’t go anywhere else and should not be sold to a third party.
  • Moderators Control The Conference Room
    Moderators have the ability to block, remove, or grant access to latecomers – they have visibility of what’s going on and who is on the participant list. For an extra layer of protection, add one-time access codes and security pins to your meetings, and lock the room to ensure the session is closed.
  • Every Conference Comes With a Security Code
    Add a security code to the meeting that, when enabled, all participants must punch in to join the call.
  • Available Access Codes and Moderator Pins
    If there are previous participants who have the access code, if there is a high turnover, company restructuring or if the details are shared with an unauthorized individual, the access code and moderator PIN can be changed at any time. Anyone with the old code will not be able to access future meetings once the code has been reset.

Remove the fear of intrusion with a free video-conferencing app that takes the stress out of convening online whether by desktop or mobile app. The choice is yours!

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Which is better for video conferencing?

If you’re looking for a free service that comes loaded with features to support two-way group communication (arguably one of the most important aspects of your business!), let FreeConference.com give you peace of mind with its free but robust video conferencing technology.

Your business requires hardworking, world-class video conferencing technology to meet the demands of providing safe and secure communication technology. State-of-the-art security features like Meeting Lock, Security Code, and One-time Access Code are optimized to keep your meetings authorized and locked down so your data is safe and sound.

No matter what you’re diligently focused on with FreeConference.com as your web conferencing provider, cutting edge technology moves your business forward behind the scenes. All you have to do is just keep on working alongside colleagues or connecting with friends and family.

FreeConference.com software is able to protect the constant exchange of information between the sender and receiver, building your reputation as being dependable. As a result, trustworthy partnerships with clients and customers are built, strengthened, and maintained.

Plus, FreeConference.com offers:

  • Video chat
    A quick way to fire off questions (or answer them) during an online meeting without interrupting the flow or speaker.
  • Caller ID
    Know who you’re speaking to when you can instantly recognize the names of participants.
  • Audio and Video Recording
    Record now, and watch later. Available only to moderators for safe and secure recording.