Start Screen Sharing For More Productive Meetings

lady-laptopScreen sharing is the go-to web conferencing feature that immediately boosts the productivity of online meetings. If you want a successful meeting, consider how screen sharing promotes better interactions, higher engagement, and improved participation.

Imagine being able to instantly see and interact with other users’ personal desktops. Rather than having to go through the motions of explaining something in a meeting to participants, you can show them with a few clicks of a button.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Increase Participation with Screen Sharing

computerScreen sharing software offers all participants the opportunity to be in the same online space at the same time regardless of geographic location. It bridges the gap between participants, providing a virtual platform for more focused and informative meetings.

When you can see what’s happening right in front of you, and you can ask a question immediately, you become part of the dynamic. This makes for a more engaging meeting – stir conversation, spark Q&As, and encourage a better flow between the meeting participants and the reason for the gathering.

It’s easy to visually pull up a presentation, and host a discussion that includes media, links, and file-sharing or set up a quick meeting to go through a demonstration. You’ll notice how participation naturally spikes. After all, why “tell” when you can “show?”

Boost Meeting Productivity

Next meeting, discover how screen sharing positively affects the quality of your sync. Screen sharing helps:

Break Down Understanding
Don’t we all learn better when we can come face to face with what we’re learning? Screen sharing is the right online meeting tool if you want to bring in more visual aid to your presentation. By using it in real-time to showcase an initial thought, rough idea, or finished project, screen-sharing capabilities offer participants a wider view of showing how something operates. It’s perfect for step-by-step instruction, demonstrations, navigation, software functions, and more.

Promote Teamwork
Bring the team together with video meetings that keep people connected and projects on track. Discover how the initial brainstorming and ideation phases are further solidified when screen sharing is applied in a meeting. Online meetings facilitate a digital space where collaboration can grow. Geographic location becomes irrelevant as team members can swap stories, build ideas from the ground up, and bring concepts to life on a screen sharing conference call.

Amp up team spirit even more by setting a clear meeting agenda that takes everyone’s time into consideration. With screen sharing, you can save minutes and even hours by cutting out long email chains, and downloading and retrieving large files.

Cultivates Cohesion
Screen sharing literally puts everyone on the same page. Every participant is able to see and take in what they are viewing – all at the same time. There is no guesswork, doubting or room for assumption. What you see is what everyone is getting especially in a digital space where nuance, meaning, and intention can be lost in a text or email.

Reinforces Remote Work
Schedule meetings with your team wherever they are located. Just because you can’t physically walk through your presentation in real life, doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a killer pitch. Conference call screen sharing gives remote workers the avenue to contribute effectively. They can demonstrate in real-time or hit record for others to view later as needed. Conversely, if they can’t make a meeting, the sync can be recorded for them to watch later.

Screen Sharing When You Need It

girl-stand-at-a-computerWho doesn’t want a little more convenience and ease when it comes to getting a task off the ground? Screen sharing is the x-factor that prevents information from getting lost in translation from speaker to listener by way of technology.

Here are 5 ways screen sharing can add more understanding and relevance to:

  1. Employee Training: Bring current employees up to speed or give them the opportunity to take on a few more skills with online training. Educate a few or many, and hit record to watch later if learners have conflicting schedules
  2. Webinars: Seminars, workshops, and webinars all gain in value with a high-quality audio-video screen share that loops in participants to really get a front-row seat of what you’re selling, sharing, or promoting.
  3. Customer Support: Calling in and asking for help can seem fruitless, but when IT can apply screen sharing instead of just a phone call alone, troubleshooting exponentially gets easier and more expedited.
  4. Progress Reports And Metrics: These presentations can be long and too detailed. Make it more engaging and hands-on by taking the lead and bringing everyone along for the ride. Answer questions in real-time. Break down otherwise hard to comprehend terms and switch up presenters quickly and smoothly.
  5. Effective Online Meetings: The element of using screen sharing in an online meeting means you can present from your desktop instead of emailing it to every attendee. In doing so, attendees don’t have to download anything, figure out compatibility issues, or get lost on the wrong page. You are in control.

Screen sharing truly adds a dimension of comprehension to any presentation, demonstration, and more, by engaging participants, in real-time, to view and be a part of the journey.

Effective Meetings

If you want a more effective meeting, consider the following basic screen sharing etiquette for
better collaboration:

  • People are busy juggling aspects of their lives – Send out invitations and reminders in advance
  • Test tech beforehand so you’re familiar with where everything is located
  • Clean up the files on your desktop and double-check if your wallpaper is meeting appropriate!
  • Shut down any unnecessary programs so as not so slow anything down or cause interruptions
  • Make sure everyone knows how to use the technical aspects of screen sharing
  • Run through the pages of your presentation at least once ahead of time

Let FreeConference add to the productivity and overall success of your online meetings. After all, the point of a meeting is to make progress in the right direction, and with the right tools, you can get anywhere you want. From brainstorming to progress reports to status updates, use the screen sharing feature to drive home your point in a way that gets seen, heard, and understood by everyone.