Provide exceptional client experiences, build a better culture of communication within your law firm and expedite expert legal services using video and voice solutions plus embeddable video from iotum.

Embeddable Voice and Video

Iotum’s state-of-the-art solution offers full API integration. For you and your legal practice that means video and voice content is instantly available with the click of a mouse. Users can gain access to their client portal, view a video on demand or join a live stream or pre-recording without opening up a new window and leaving your site or app.


  • Offers out-of-the-box API integration to bring in video and voice across your offerings
  • Create a one-stop-shop website or app where everything you need to run a law firm online is in one place
  • Provide seamless access to videos and content so clients never have to leave your website or app
  • Reduce the risk of malpractice with top-notch security built into every level of communication
  • Stay connected to colleagues and clients via Android and iOS mobile apps



Exceptional Online Interactions

Build rapport and client trust with frictionless video and voice solutions to bolster communication and position you as an advocate for every client’s cause.


Transcription With AI

Receive accurate, high-caliber transcriptions of online meetings with date stamps, tags, and named speakers using the artificial intelligence bot, Cue™.


Embeddable Video And Voice

Create a more engaging and dynamic presence online with embeddable video and voice that provide instant access to webinars, meetings, and live and recorded content, and more!


Instant File and Document Sharing

Sync, store, and share files effortlessly between clients and colleagues for e-signing online legal forms, viewing testimonials, witness accounts, records, and more.


End-to-End Confidentiality

Lock meetings where highly sensitive data and information can be shared only amongst participants or those who have the One-Time Access code.

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Manage Clients Virtually

Create digital workflows for more flexibility and reach. Support clients from afar – anywhere at any time – so you can move their case along effectively, host remote witness testimonies, uphold your “open-door policy,” meet online to pitch to prospective clients, and more.

Speed Up Processes

Shorten the time spent sending and receiving important documents, time tracking, expense reporting, scheduling hearings, and more with online meetings that allow for instant feedback. Plus, use iotum to integrate seamlessly alongside Slack, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

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sentiment analytics

Strengthen Client Communication

Swap phone calls for web conferencing to address your client’s legal and emotional concerns. Hit record to save now and watch later and use Sentiment Analysis to pull out and further determine emotional insights.

Reinforce Internal Communication

Reestablish a strong culture of communication by fostering an environment that has procedures and processes in play to keep everyone in the loop. Host weekly team meetings, case updates, and negotiations online.

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Grow Your Firm

Increase revenue and scale your business when you can reach a larger demographic, and attract new talent. Automate specific tasks by recording meetings, scheduling ahead, and using AI-powered technology to save money and regain time that can be spent on billable hours.

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