Searching For The Best Collaborative Software? Here Are The Top 6

The growth and health of your business depends on how you send and receive a message. The exchange of ideas can’t transpire without software that nurtures the back and forth, and overall progression of a project. Whether at the beginning of a venture, midway through a project or around the corner from celebrating a new client or accolade, the lines of communication need to be streamlined. Using software that gives you the convenience and ease of collaborating remotely makes doing your job easier, and gets you and your team the results you’re looking for.

Screen sharing

How? Remote desktop and screen-sharing software facilitates an easy, convenient and interactive way to touch base with participants from anywhere. This game changing software allows you to open your desktop and navigate in real-time in front of the eyes of other online participants. Remote screen sharing especially caters to tech demonstrations, videos, training, and so much more.

There are many benefits to using remote desktop and screen-sharing software in an online meeting. Not only does it instantly make any video conference more engaging by showing instead of telling, remote desktop and screen-sharing software bridges the gap between the virtual world and reality. It’s a portal that empowers collaboration and engagement; encourages detailed and in-depth training and education, and allows for multiple people to present.

Here are the Top 6 best remote desktop and screen-sharing software based on cost, convenience and accessibility.

6. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Free with the purchase of a recent version of the Windows operating system, this feature allows you to connect to another computer over a network connection. From home, you can connect to your work computer. Alternatively, between two colleagues, you plus another can share desktops from different locations using the computer’s name or the host’s local IP address via the network.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer promotes their easy and secure remote desktop access; integrated remote monitoring and management, and mobile device support. Wherever you are, you can easily get online and collaborate – with free services for personal use only.


With three pricing tiers, provides conferencing and webinar services with your own personalized url, customized meeting background and one click screen sharing! While their services aren’t free, they are cost-effective and appealing for businesses of all sizes.

3. Screenleap

Screenleap gives users seamless remote desktop and screen sharing with easy access from all devices, plus installation-free viewing that can be shared with one or thousands of participants. The free version gives up to 8 users one hour per day of free screen sharing time, with additional usage requiring a monthly subscription fee.

2. Mikogo

Mikogo has all the bells and whistles plus voice and video conferencing. It’s biggest claim to fame being the “join via browser” feature which means there are no downloads required. Depending on how many people are using it, there is a monthly cost involved. The free version supports you plus one participant per session.


The difference between the above mentioned and is simple, but relevant. With so much to offer for solopreneurs, and businesses and everyone in between, is the one-stop shop that has everything and more all in one place. You get free video conferencing, conference calling and free screen sharing where participants can join in remotely. All with zero downloads.

By combining convenience with collaboration that gives you what you need and then some – FOR FREE – is the top choice for effective crystal clear communication. Plus, there’s plenty of free features that come along with the software, remote desktop and screen-sharing included.

For education, nonprofits, coaching businesses and for the church and prayer lines, is the 2-way communication platform that resonates with users. Communication is made easy and leaves a lasting effect that drives home your message. Start connecting to every corner of the world.