Podcast Movement Wrap-Up

TalkShoe has been around since 2005, but we couldn’t remember a more fun and exciting week than the one we spent last week in Philadelphia.   See our event highlight reel below, maybe you’re in it!

With over 2,000 attendees and 200 speakers, it was a great way to meet with podcasters, influencers and press, and increase our product and brand awareness. The event as a whole was a huge success.  We were able to learn a lot about the world of podcasting and in case you missed it, Talkshoe launched a new and improved version during the conference!

Thanks to Karim Kanji


The TalkShoe Pavilion

Our booth featured two tables with four Heil microphone sets each, running live TalkShoe podcasts during the convention.  A special thank you to Karim Kanji , host of the Welcome! Podcast, for conducting great interviews with influential podcasting attendees. With the combination of a cool set up and prime location,  promoting TalkShoe was easy and effective. The TalkShoe Pavilion became a destination for attendees to hangout with other podcasters even when they weren’t podcasting live.


The Luncheon

On July 24th we held a luncheon attended by over 50 podcasting influencers. We gave a live demo of the new and improved TalkShoe, debuting some new key features. While free hosting and unlimited storage are huge draws, global dial-ins and YouTube Streaming were also key talking points throughout the luncheon. Attendees also liked the post-podcasting features such as episode landing pages and reporting metrics. The luncheon was an overwhelming success with an exciting demo, lots of interest in trying out Talkshoe, an engaged audience, delicious food and flowing beverages.

Congratulations to Lindsay Bowen, Raphael Esparza (@VSIdocsports), Nancy Davis Kho (@midlifemixtape) and Singleton Newman (@singletonnewman) for winning our raffle and the $1400 Heil Sounds prize pack!

We will definitely be attending next year’s event in Orlando.  Look forward to seeing everyone again!