Trends in Work: How Online Meetings & Screen Sharing Software Leads To An Increase In Freelancing

How Screen Sharing And Other Tools Lead To An Increase In Freelancing

Meeting officeTools like screen sharing have come a long way towards changing the landscape of meetings, and how people react to them in a business setting. In today’s world, it is a common practice to regularly meet with people all over the world during a regular week in the office.

As technology makes it increasingly easier to bring people together, businesses are starting to adapt, and take on more remote workers and freelancers as a result. While some may fear that this trend will erode the notion of a full-time worker, and move the world towards a “gig economy”, others celebrate the fact that they can now work from anywhere that has an internet connection.

But whatever your stance is on the increase in freelancing, let’s highlight some of the technology that is leading this change.

Screen Sharing Allows People To Share Ideas And Concepts Easier Than Ever

Laptop presentationExplaining an idea to someone is a lot easier when you can use more than just your words. For decades, boardrooms were integral to business meetings because audio-only conversations were often not good enough for complex or large discussions. With screen sharing, an entire boardroom of people can sit virtually a world apart and still view the meeting organizers screen.

For freelancers, this means that they can effectively share ideas using only their computer screens while still traveling, at a coffee shop, or even just at home. They can get virtually the same level of understanding that they would get in an office, all while still in their pajamas.

Online Meetings Allow For Face-To-Face Interactions Despite Distance

WebcamThere is a lot of nuance that you can miss when you aren’t looking at someone’s face. Luckily, online meetings allow meeting participants to see each other as if they were really in the same room, as long as they are connected to the internet. To add to that, online meeting room technology come free with every account, making it free to use for anyone at any time.

Although it is freelancers who mainly benefit from this technology, the managers of freelancing can make use of it too. Online meeting rooms are a great way to keep track of freelance employees and keep them accountable and in contact with the company they are working for.

Document Sharing Let’s Files Travel As Fast As The Internet

While screen sharing may be a great tool in itself, when it comes to sharing specific files like text documents, spreadsheets, infographics, or PowerPoint presentations, document sharing is the more preferable option. Document sharing allows the meeting organizer to go through a document page by page, and have their meeting participants follow along. It is perfect for longer documents, like legal papers or terms and conditions.

This feature allows freelancers to cover intricate and confusing documents during their meeting, knowing that everyone is literally on the same page.

Meeting Technology Should Be Free

Screen sharing, online meeting rooms, and document sharing are the three tools that are used most frequently by freelancers and remote teams. They’re also standard with a account. If you are interested in freelancing and remote work, or if you just want to give these features a try, consider creating a free account today.