Are You Using The Right Words? Why An Online Meeting Beats An Email

The Problem With Text: Why An Online Meeting Is Better Than An Email

online meeting Have you ever sent a text message to someone, only to have them misunderstand it? Whether you’re on a messaging app, sending an email, or just texting a friend or colleague, there is always a chance that your recipient will understand your message in a way that you didn’t intend. The modern way to get around this problem is to use emojis, but they still aren’t an option in the professional world.

So what do you do when you need to share sensitive information with one or more people in a way that can’t possibly be misconstrued? Hold an online meeting.

Conference Calls Create An Immediacy To Communication

Business ConferencingWhen you hold an online meeting, your participants don’t have the luxury of waiting 20 minutes or longer to reply because they are busy; they have to either confirm what you said, or ask for clarification if they don’t understand. This prevents any miscommunication between you and your participants, and could potentially save you loads of time clarifying old information at a later date.

Email threads can drag on for days or even weeks because people don’t respond right away, holding a 10 minute online meeting via conference call will allow you to quickly put your topic to rest, without the chance of one or more of your participants misunderstanding.

Facial Expressions Are A Large Part Of Verbal Communication

Another important factor that makes online meetings better than text conversations is the fact that online meetings include the option of adding high definition video to your meeting, allowing you to actually see your participants’ faces, and vice versa.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the oft-used expression that “most of communication is non-verbal”. Vocal tonality and facial expressions account for most of communication, so the easiest way to ensure that the meaning behind your words is understood is to include these two crucial dimensions in your conversation.

Online Meetings Include Many Collaboration Features That Emails Lack

Business online meetingHolding an online meeting is not as difficult or painstaking as you may have been led to believe. Callbridge empowers both you and your participants to join your online meeting using the device that is easiest, whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. It also allows you to easily and securely share documents within your online meeting through screen sharing and document sharing, making it much easier than emails for disseminating documents.

No one is saying that emails should be replaced. Rather, business professionals should strive to use the right tool for the right job, and see online meetings as the best way to share sensitive or complicated information to their team members.

If you haven’t given Callbridge’s stellar online meetings a try, you can experience Callbridge for free for 30 days and see exactly why online meetings are the best way to share important information for yourself.