New Features for iotum’s Premium Calliflower Conferencing Service Include WebRTC-enabled Native SIP Client, Simplified Controls

Toronto, ON — August 7, 2013 — iotum, operator of popular and versatile audio teleconferencing services for small business, today announced several enhancements to its Calliflower conferencing service, including a new WebRTC-enabled native SIP client – Calliflower Connect – and simplified, more elegant controls. All of the interface enhancements are available today.

iotum President and CEO Jason Martin said the updates improve both the form and function of Calliflower as a premium offer. In terms of functionality, the introduction of Calliflower Connect is the most significant development. “Adding this tool allows participants to call directly into Calliflower meetings through their WebRTC-enabled Google Chrome or Firefox browsers,” he said. “The availability of WebRTC means Calliflower users will see access via Skype nearing the end of life later this year, as WebRTC access will be providing a richer and more complete experience.”

To initiate conference calls via their browsers, participants now only need to click on the Calliflower Connect button. “Of course, if you want to still use your phone to call in, we continue to offer our great network of local numbers available around the world, as well,” Martin said.

The new release also features a smoother, simpler, more graphical interface. “We set out to make Calliflower’s moderator controls among the most robust and easiest to use in the conferencing-services business,” said Martin. “If you try to use some of the competition’s moderator controls, they’re either really comprehensive but impossible to use or they’re confusing and not sufficient. We have hit a really strong balance by taking an approach that is designed to give Calliflower participants an easy and unduplicated experience.”

“These enhancements continue to position Calliflower as a next-generation tool that straddles the Web and classic telecommunications conference calls,” he said. “At iotum, we want to facilitate bringing people together regardless of the tools they use to get together. This is another step in that direction.”

Many of the feature updates respond to users’ requests, Martin said, and reflect the company’s recognition that Calliflower is maturing and needed a shot of differentiation.

Martin added that along with the new features, Calliflower users also will find a new, value-based pricing with bundles that better fit customers’ usage patterns.

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iotum is a privately-held operator of online collaboration, VoIP and conference calling services. iotum operates the popular Calliflower teleconference platform, which has introduced a number of innovations since its introduction in 2007, and serves medium and small businesses and organizations with brands that also include, and others. Based in Toronto, Canada, iotum’s customer base is worldwide. For further information, please visit

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