Want To Leave A Lasting Impression? Use A “Green Screen” During Your Next Online Meeting

Green ScreenWhen we hear the words “green screen,” it’s not typically followed by the notion of video conferencing. It immediately takes you back to a B-list horror movie that got lost in the 80s rather than a professional online meeting solution. Spoiler alert… It has now become the latter, not the former!

So How Exactly Is A “Green Screen” Used In An Online Meeting?

First of all, jazzing up your online meeting is a pretty impressive and visually engaging way to communicate with your team. It gives you the illusion of being in another space, meanwhile, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of the one you’re already in! Once your online meeting is set up and running, participants have a visual of you against any backdrop you desire. The possibilities are endless. Even having your company’s brand emblazoned behind you is a great option to get your business seen.

Green screen backgroundFurthermore, let’s not forget how bombarded we are with video content on a daily basis. There’s an increasingly important need to stand out. If you want your message to get across, you have to do something different.

Whether you’re producing a series of training videos, webinars (which can all be done with video conferencing technology, by the way!), tutorials, case studies or just a more creative online meeting, green screen tech is a step up from any normal video that pushes your content and virtual meeting into the extraordinary.

The industry term for green screen is known as chroma key technology and is recorded against a green background. While there isn’t any magic involved – just a knowledgeable creative team who jump in during the editing stage – it sure can look just like magic! And unless you’re on director James Cameron’s level shooting Titanic 2, implementing green screen technology doesn’t have to be difficult.

But first, what are some of the benefits of using a green screen in your next online meeting?

It’s Extremely Visual

A green screen adds dimension to the way you present yourself in an online meeting. It can be professional or gimmicky, whatever your meeting or video content calls for. Especially for tutorials or webinars, your logo can be everywhere, giving your brand more exposure.

It’s Infinitely Versatile

Your imagination is the limit. Whatever look or feel you’re trying to achieve during your online meeting, it’s possible with a green screen. Beach with palm trees? Exposed brick wall in a luxury loft? Outer space? You can do it all. Plus, instead of moving around to different locations in the case of an interview, for example, simply set up different backgrounds for an immediate change in scenery.

It’s Cost-Effective

A green screen kit doesn’t break the bank. It’s a great alternative for companies that have lower budgets and not-so-desirable locations (think boring office background, a home that has a lot of clutter, etc.). You can even use a large piece of green fabric in place of the kit.

online meeting set upIt Travels Well

After you’ve mastered the first set up, the kit and tech can be moved to different locations, painlessly. Share the equipment with different employees or store it at home. Looking for more space to lay it out? If you can’t get into an empty boardroom, classroom or you’re generally at a loss for space, look for unused spots that are wide and tall. Try stairwells, the lunchroom after hours, or the kitchen. Need an even bigger spot? Consider renting a party or conference room in a nearby residential building or hotel.

It’s Presents Well

Words, images and moving video can be designed to move in sync with the presenter’s presentation to support key messages. This creates an interactive and easily digestible online meeting environment that helps reinforce the presenter’s idea, making it “sticky” and way more compelling than just the average delivery.

It Carries Your Brand

Your brand can take center stage with any online meeting and more. Simply put together the shapes, colors, and textures that create your brand, and use it against the green screen. You can always modify and adjust, so you never have to worry about wasting material.
With your computer, a few plugins, a green screen kit and reliable video conferencing software like FreeConference.com, you are on your way to putting on a highly engaging online meeting for your participants.