Is Video Conferencing Effective?

Yoga instructor in lotus position on ground interacting with laptop in front of her and leading a classWhy does anyone have a meeting in the first place? Are you relaying important information to employees? Hosting an online class? Sharing news and metrics or winning over new clients?

In whatever capacity you meet, you can drive results, improve communication, and gain people’s trust by using video conferencing to enhance how you send and receive messages.

Let’s unpack things a little more.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Video Conferencing?

Once a high-tech luxury, free video conferencing is now the norm. Anyone can instantly connect anywhere to conduct high-quality online meetings that lockdown business deals, teach students, brainstorm ideas and so much more.

But just because the whole world is using it, should you? Is it that effective? Here are some of the benefits of implementing video conferencing software into your business strategy:

  1. Open Up The Opportunity For More ROIs
    Free video conferencing that comes with no hidden fees or extra costs – just zero-commitment free stuff – means any business can hit the ground running. Especially if you’re just starting up and testing the waters with a side business or entrepreneurial venture, your ROI already exists! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with the best free video conferencing that supports your communication needs. If you do require extra bells and whistles, you can still expect a solid return on investment with user-friendly and business-centric paid features like:

    • Custom Hold Music: Create your own personalized greeting messages
    • More participants: For bigger, more inclusive meetings, webinars, and seminars
    • YouTube streaming: Stream live or pre-recorded content straight to your social media accounts
    • Caller ID: See and recognize exactly who’s on the line and in the meeting
    • Audio and Video Recording: Record now and watch later for participants who can’t make it or for creating evergreen content
  2. Blow Collaboration Wide Open
    View of woman in midground using phone in foreground to join an online meeting. She is waving at her phoneThe best video conferencing technology connects people together. You can stay in touch with employees overseas, clients in another city, new business development in another country – the possibilities to collaborate are endless. Even team members in the same office or on the same project are granted better and more, direct access to each other:

    • Video conferencing creates a virtual presence for remote employees
    • Participants can use and share data in real-time for immediate collaboration and feedback
    • Build working relationships between employees, management, suppliers, vendors, professors, etc. Even personal relationships between friends and family are strengthened with frequent virtual dates and social gatherings online.
  3. Super Charge Efficiency And Work Flows
    With video conferencing, you can save time by cutting out mundane tasks like commuting. Rather than finding parking or making your way across town for a meeting, you can put your energy towards other parts of your day. Avoid long email threads and lost time spent retrieving files when everything is stored and saved for you in a conversation log with transcription and summaries. Got a pressing matter that needs instant clarification? Call for a quick virtual stand-up meeting and stick to a 15-minute limit.
  4. Shrink The Learning Curve
    Mirroring the proverb “I hear, and I forget: I see, and I remember,” video conferencing offers participants a very visual approach to connecting with people. If you’re teaching online or hosting study groups, you can speed up how participants learn the course material with one-on-one sessions, follow-ups, pre-recorded or live webinars, and meeting recordings. This offers a way to actually interact through sight and sound and connect in more meaningful ways. Video conferencing effectiveness is demonstrated through its highly visual approach to two-way communication. A continual feedback loop assists in learning content faster and ironing out problems before they happen.

Does Video Conferencing Improve Communication?

View of man through an open door in a modern living room working from home seated at desk on laptopVideo conferencing makes communication more visual. Without video, participants can only rely on tone and voice. With video, however, participants can feel present and pick up on each other’s cues through gestures, body language, and eye contact.

Being aware of how to use video conferencing technology will positively affect the overall experience of how you connect with others. Tips for effective video conferencing include hitting mute when you’re not speaking or adjusting your background so it’s not busy-looking, distracting, or in a high traffic area. These will greatly affect the outcome of your online meeting and your ability to communicate succinctly.

What Are The Advantages Of Video Conferencing?

Participants will experience an enhanced sense of:

  • Collaboration:
    Witness firsthand how team members can work on the same task or project with an Online Whiteboard that brings concepts to life.
  • Productivity:
    Screen Sharing enables a full view of a participant’s screen to help show instead of tell.
  • Engagement:
    Features like Gallery and Speaker View work to make everyone in the meeting visible and accessible
  • Communication:
    With more channels to communicate across – video, audio, text chat – a connection is instant, direct, and can be recorded and summarized.

What Is The Best Way To Video Conference?

There are three ways in which video conferencing software can boost your business’ communication approach. The best way to video conference is:

  • From Any Device
    Sync up your account across your laptop, desktop, and mobile device (Android and iPhone) for streamlined access wherever you go. Schedule meetings in advance or on the spot with SMS Text notifications that directly invite participants.
  • On A Browser
    Access your meeting by clicking on a link to open up a tab in your browser. Join the online meeting room and get working. Browser-based, zero-download technology means serious security, no time delays setting up, and no hardware hookups and equipment!
  • For Free
    Free two-way group conferencing that opens the lines of communication to get work done means more productivity and less hassle for you. Save money while you grow and scale your business.

Let prove the effectiveness of video conferencing in any business landscape. Whether you’re a coach, an educator, a stay-at-home parent, or a CEO, you can run your business online successfully. Use that comes with the best free video conferencing app so you can work on the go, wherever you go!