Iotum vs. Agora

Drive customer engagement without risking privacy and security. Virtual communication and real-time experiences are a must rather than a maybe. Your business needs an integrated Voice and Video strategy for virtual communications, live streaming and messaging.  Our Video and voice API tools enable businesses to adopt cross-platform live video and voice easily and quickly.

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Agora Alternative for Programmable Video and Streaming

Agora was once the go-to software for programmable video, but security concerns have shone a negative light on them as of late. You should consider a secure, private and trustworthy alternative. 

iotum’s next-generation plug-and-play video and audio API and SDK solutions connect your business to the world. Enhance your online business with video and voice to simplify and personalize customer experiences.

Agora Alternatives

If you’re using or considering Agora for Live, interactive voice and video for real-time engagement, compare alternatives to see if you’re making the right choice.

If you want flexible, feature-rich customer engagement with a few lines of code but worry about security and privacy, read below and learn about the features, capabilities, and cost of iotum vs Agora.

 Agora up to 1080piotum up to 1080p
Video API0.0089/minute/participant0.0040/minute/participant
Live Streaming0.00459/minute/viewer0.00150/minute/viewerr
Screen Sharing
Breakout Rooms
Whiteboard1000 minutes free + 0.0014/minute
File Conversions100,000 free images 0.0005/image
Moderator Controls
Custom Hold Music
Annotation & Laser Pointer
Multicamera Function (up to 4)

check mark Included

false mark Not available

The Secure Difference Of iotum

Local Developers

All our developers are located in the USA and Canada.

We hire locally in order to keep our business and our clients “business” secure.

Other providers  use developers in China which can result in a threat in security for your business.

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Pops in Secure Locations

iotum Communication Cloud has a global network of media Points of Presence (POPs).

These POPs connect to each other using Amazon’s high quality and low latency network. The result is high-quality, SECURE voice, and video for participants all across the globe.

Other providers have been known to route and store in China which can be un-secure and unreliable.

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Local Developers

All our developers are located in the USA and Canada.

iotum Communications Cloud is a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that provides scale and security.

Hackers would need to break into the browser itself to reach the iotum technology, which is extremely secure and encrypted and updated on a regular basis.  

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China-based businesses play by different rules and have different obligations than Western rule-of-law companies. If you need your business communications to be secure, private and lawful. Agora has offices around the world and is dual-headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, USA, and Shanghai, China. There have been many security concerns with Agora as of late Like Agora, iotum provides its own live, interactive voice and video platform on a global network dedicated to real-time engagement. Unlike Agora, we are Western-based.

Explore how iotum’s out-of-the-box APIs and SDKs enable interactive engagements within your existing app, website, or platform.