Iotum Unveils New Podcast Series Entitled ‘iotum Live’

September 18th, 2018 –This fall, iotum Inc. unveiled its newly developed podcast series entitled iotum Live, in which they will talk about podcasting, communication software, and their various platforms. iotum Live will have monthly episodes, and is starting off strong with a podcast on what it takes to start your own podcast with TalkShoe, one of iotum’s offerings.

“This is a big step”, said Ernie Tsai, main host of the podcast. “Iotum is already a huge player in communications technology, but this podcast will allow us to break into a new and exciting medium. I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Part of iotum’s reasoning for creating their own podcast lies in their commitment to giving their customers an easy way to connect with them to discuss product features, benefits, and any other questions concerning the service.

Jason Martin, CEO of iotum inc added, “We want to make it so that our customers can easily reach someone at iotum. Now they’ll have a way join a 2-way conversation with us over the phone or web, get their questions answered, and discuss everything iotum.”

What is iotum

Iotum provides collaboration tools that help businesses and individuals to be more productive, connect with remote team members, and create meaningful interactions. Our product portfolio includes, the original, free conference-calling service; Callbridge, a virtual meeting platform tailor-made for enterprise-level collaboration; and Talkshoe, a community-based podcast hosting platform that bridges the gap between host and listener.

With offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, iotum is led by a leadership team with roots and experience in the technology industry. For more information about the company, its team, solutions and services, please visit

What is Talkshoe

TalkShoe is a community-based podcast hosting platform that is designed to bridge the gap between host and listener. Its unique “Live Community Call” feature allows listeners to talk, text chat, or just listen along with their favorite podcasters to discover fun and interesting new content, creating an atmosphere that is unlike any other podcast hosting service.

TalkShoe has over 100,000 users and millions of listeners that collaborate on various topics including business, computers, sports, religion, politics, music, arts, science, travel, and more.

Please contact Julia Stowell, VP Marketing of iotum for any media inquiries at