Why A Huddle Room Should Be In Your Office Right Now

We’ve heard of hot desking, colleagues bringing in puppies (sometimes even the occasional iguana), but what do you know about a huddle room and how can they benefit your business?

It draws from the same logic as a football huddle when the coach gathers the team in a tight circle to share words of wisdom, to strategize, to inspire or share new found sensitive information about the other team (it’s a pretty important part of the game, don’t you think?).

And it’s important for business. A huddle room is typically a secluded workspace located off the beaten track of the office to accommodate a handful of colleagues (4-6). The space is decked out with all the accouterments of a conference room (think video conferencing equipment, screens, chairs, whiteboards, audio-visual equipment) and it is designed to facilitate focused brainstorming, closed off and away from distraction, other colleagues and anything else that could derail streamlined productivity. Here’s why huddle rooms are the necessary addition to a modern workplace:

They Provide A Space For Privacy Without Sacrificing The Open Concept Layout

Workspace meetingAn open concept workplace with its no walls, cubicle-less departments, rows of desks and panoramic visibility breaks down barriers and fosters a transparent, creative and multifunctional environment. But when there are some meetings that require discretion – without interruption and without loud noises – a huddle room can allow for the team to still enjoy the benefits of a sprawling floor plan while having a confidential discussion with upper management in private. They become the perfect space for difficult conversations, brainstorming, dealmaking, etc.

They Facilitate Connection With Remote Workers

Business MeetingThe cozy set up that works well when touching base with employees in remote locations. The small team can be together in one place while connecting with the employee overseas who wants to address everyone at once rather than each one individually. It’s a great set up for easier access and face time, meant to nurture collaboration by bringing people together while saving time, money and resources. To make this interaction even more convenient, bringing in a large-screen TV plus camera will ensure everyone in the room gets seen.

Take it a step further and implement a SIP connector to optimize the huddle room space for a seamless connection. With the touch of one button, you can be connected via software that offers stationary streamlined video and professional grade audio through to multiple endpoints. Essentially, all you have to do to connect to a meeting is click on when you’re ready and click off when you’re done!

They Are Easy Install – And Use

Boardrooms are large and depending on the size of your office, might not be feasible. Huddle rooms, on the other hand, don’t need to take up the whole floor. Consider the underutilized space to set up shop, like a storage area or stairwell. Plus, they don’t need a lot of equipment. A huddle room can be outfitted with less expensive technology that still gets the job done. They are meant to be minimal, which means it is affordable and appealing to use if you need a space to meet a potential client or need to hold interviews with new job candidates.

A huddle room should be used for on-the-fly meetings. Unlike a boardroom that officially requires a reservation and caters to larger numbers, a huddle room can be seen as an impromptu option. Booking a meeting is encouraged by way of an employee’s personal calendar, or they can simply walk in, push a button and be connected.

They Are Easy To Implement

Implementing meeting roomInvesting in a huddle room is a proactive and cost-saving step towards the immediacy and authenticity of communication in your work environment. Collaborative communication, productivity, and inclusivity are never going out of style, so by incorporating a huddle room, you can expect these workplace factors to grow tenfold. Before you get started on your own huddle room, here are a few questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • How many do you need? Does each team require a separate space or are teams willing to share spaces amongst different teams?
  • Does the AV equipment need to be portable? Can it be fixed?
  • What ready-to-use space is available? If not, can you create one? What types of enclosures (wall, glass) work best for what you wish to accomplish in the huddle room?
  • Who will have access? Will you require a log-in code? Keys?

Huddle rooms are designed to improve communication within your team and with Callbridge’s meeting room collaboration platform, you can expect high-quality technology that empowers your business. Providing first-class audio, video and SIP gateway meeting rooms, connecting with colleagues, clients or customers is faultless. Callbridge’s exceptional features lead to exceptional meetings – and huddles.

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