How To Use Dial-In Numbers To Communicate With Clients

If your livelihood is built on 2-way communication with a client, you know how important it is for your business to have good quality meetings online. The technology you use to touch base directly with your clients helps to determine the success of your enterprise. No one wants to have a session or a meeting when the connection keeps cutting out! As a geographically independent solopreneur or entrepreneur like a health coach or therapist, you most likely have clients who are situated near and far. Consider some of the logistical realities of running your business like making long distance calls, finding a strong internet connection from remote locations, and having tech that provides crisp and clear audio and visual quality you can rely on. These are non-negotiables that ensure the health of your small business, and cannot and shouldn’t be compromised on.

Coaching and group leaders

A fast, hassle-free and reliable connection when engaging in an online meeting positively promotes your company’s image and is the second best thing to being there in person, whether by video or by calling. When using a dial-in number, your online meeting is simple with immediate connectivity and accessibility that facilitates effective communication. Here’s what you need to know about dial-in numbers and how they impact the quality of your meeting:

What Is A Dial-In Number?

When setting up a call with a client, they are provided a dial-in number. No matter where they are around the globe, this number and access code grant your clients direct and immediate access to you. Meetings can be set up and joined faster than ever with only a few clicks because a dial-in number avoids having to use reserved conference lines and call time limits. As an added bonus, there are no hidden fees, saving you money in the long run. Your clients (one on one or group) just need to have your access code and dial-in number and you need to have your moderator pin. From there, you can be reached easily and on demand.

Night conference call

Does your keynote speaker client need a last minute one-on-one coaching session the morning before he goes onstage? No problem. Want to host a follow-up meeting with your therapy group from last month, next month? You can do that too. A dial-in number and access code can be given out ahead of time (or used just in the nick of time!) by sending out a calendar invite to all participants. Using the Invitations and Reminders features, your invite, with all the necessary details of the call – dial-in number and access code included – is automated. Simply add participants’ names and email addresses (which can be expedited even faster after filling out your Address Book) and once you’ve scheduled the call, all of the required info like the day, time, dial-in or log on instructions, the meeting name, and a box to reply attendance is sent out. Just like that! Even in the remaining minutes prior to the call, all participants will automatically receive an email as a reminder. There’s no more searching through emails for important info because everything is conveniently located in one place at the top – one set of numbers for everyone means there are fewer numbers to remember. So for your client who needs a pep talk now or the group whose progress you want to check in on in a month, you can do either one seamlessly!

Dialling in

Another way dial-in numbers smoothen your workflow and strengthen the integrity of your business is that it doesn’t matter if you host your conference call over the web or phone. Any device will do! A dial-in number is just one of the free and easy methods you can use to connect to the people you have to connect to. Some clients may prefer to use a dedicated dial-in number while others will want to gain access via their desktop or laptop. Either way, the connection is there and ready to use.’s dial-in number access is simple to use, free and convenient but isn’t the only way you can communicate with your clients. Free conference calls can be done over the web or the phone on any mobile device so you can tend to your client’s needs effectively. With multiple features like Free Screen Sharing, Free International Conference Calling, Conference Call Recording and more, you’ve got everything you need to run your online business and manage your communication successfully. Want to learn more about how can improve the way in which you communicate?