How Technology Helps Non-Profits Have a Larger Impact & Do More Good

Why Conference Call Technology is a Boon to Non-Profit Outreach and Communication

Whether their mission is to spread awareness of social issues, help disadvantaged members of their communities, or change public policy, nonprofits are committed to their cause. To be effective, nonprofits must rely on their ability to communicate with people both inside and outside their organization for a variety of purposes. These include fundraising efforts, public outreach, volunteer events, and many others. Thanks to free conference call services, social media, and other platforms, it has never been easier (or less expensive) for non-profit staff to get their message across. Here are some of the ways conference call technology is helping them do it:

Save money with conference calling

Cost Effectiveness of a Free Conference Call Line

While they may not be driven by financial gain, nonprofit organizations must operate under tight budgets and therefore consider their bottom lines every bit as much as businesses do. For this reason, setting up cost-effective lines of communication is vital. Offering free domestic and international dial-in numbers as well as web conferencing capabilities, FreeConference is a favorite tool used by nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Simplicity of Setting Up Conference Calls

Another reason why conference calling is a favorite meeting tool for nonprofits is its ease of use. It only takes seconds to sign up for a FreeConference account which can then be used to hold conference calls and online meetings anytime. With a conference line available for use 24/7, no online scheduling or setup is necessary in order to host a meeting—simply provide all participants with your conference call dial-in number and access code.

Call by Phone or Call by Web with Web Conferencing

Telephone and Online Access to Conference Call Meetings

In addition to telephone dial-in access, participants can also opt to join a conference call over the internet using the free online meeting room feature

. In addition to avoiding any telephone calling costs from their carrier, participants who join a conference call online also have the ability to video conference, upload documents, and share screens. Free accounts can have up to 5 people join a call online with an increased online participant capacity available on the premium monthly plans.


Add Free Conference Calling to Your Nonprofit’s Toolbox

It’s simple, it’s convenient, and it’s absolutely free. Sign up for an account at and hold a conference call or online meeting anytime! the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

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