Global Conference Partners® Launches New Spanish Language Free Conferencing Service

ConferenciasInstantaneas™ Service Dedicated to Latino Individuals and Businesses

LOS ANGELES, CA — February 4, 2008 — Global Conference Partners® answers the demand for language specific conferencing services with the launch of ConferenciasInstantaneas™, the free Spanish language reservationless audio conferencing service, targeting both individual and business needs.

“Until now, Spanish speaking individuals and businesses have had to deal with English–only conferencing services to keep in touch with family and business colleagues,” says Alex Cory, CEO of parent company Global Conference Partners. “ConferenciasInstantaneas and the conferencing services behind it (including Spanish language customer services) make the free conferencing services of InstantConference just as easy to set up and use as they traditionally have been for English speaking users.”

ConferenciasInstantaneas services are accessed by dialing into a permanently assigned U.S. based number. Most international locations can reach these numbers through locally purchased calling cards that are typically priced very competitively, allowing families and colleagues throughout Latin America and the United States to connect at the lowest cost possible.

ConferenciasInstantaneas Benefits:

  • Free* conference calls up to 150 people for 6 hours
  • No credit cards or pre–qualification required
  • Sign up and begin talking in minutes
  • Receive dedicated dial–in number, access code and subscriber pin that never expire
  • Can be used Internationally by just dialing the assigned U.S. long–distance number
  • Additional access codes available under each number for sub–account management
  • Free Recording for each conference
  • No reservations needed
  • 24/7 rapid response online support
  • Detailed post-conference summary reports

* The only cost for this type of call is whatever long distance rates are charged by each individual conference participant’s long distance carrier, or any International charges if calling outside the U.S. There is no extra charge by ConferenciasInstantaneas.

About ConferenciasInstantaneas™

ConferenciasInstantaneas is the fast, free, dedicated, on-demand audio conference service that lets Spanish language users sign up and start conferencing instantly. ConferenciasInstantaneas offers valuable features and unique management tools that are not available with other reservationless conferencing services, such as free recording, multiple access codes and post-conference summary reports. ConferenciasInstantaneas is a service of Global Conference Partners™, the innovator of free conference calls and leaders in simple, convenient and reliable low-cost web and audio conference services. For more information visit: and