Your offering just got better with cloud-based voice and video solutions that integrate into your existing application.

Looking to increase your audience, grow your business, and stay in touch anytime, anywhere, without breaking the bank? See how improving your connection means better business using iotum’s Voice and Video to boost your product or service.

Explore the possibilities with a free consultation.

Iotum’s Voice and Video breathes life into your online meetings and events by seamlessly integrating into any existing solution. Update your platform or channel with high-quality audio and video API that creates a more visually stunning and interactive online experience.

Voice and Video Products:

  • Video Call
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Voice Call
  • Live Audio Streaming
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Recording
  • Analytics

Voice and Video Use Cases


Online Coaching

Push your online coaching business into overdrive to scale your business and amass more clients.


Sales Demonstrations

Convey your product’s messaging, benefits, and features via a video call to add in even more excitement with live demos.


Support Groups

Create an online space for participants facing a debilitating illness or unforeseen and sudden life change in a safe and private group environment.


Nursing Homes

Maintain social activities and continuity of care by relying on digital technology that enriches communication in assisted living facilities.


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