Makes History as one of PCWorld’s 10 All–Time Greatest Free Services

GLENDALE, CA — March 9, 2010 —, the originator of free audio conference call services, was cited by PCWorld’s staff as one of the 10 all–time greatest free downloads and services.

Ken Ford, CEO of Global Conference Partners, parent company of FreeConference, was both honored and touched to receive such a nod from one of the world’s most respected and authoritative sources of technology and computing. He comments, “This is an achievement that the whole FreeConference team can feel proud of. This business took years to build and has become a critical tool that many businesses and organizations depend on year after year.”

FreeConference was an idea born in 2000 in response to the traditionally high cost of conference calling services that were difficult to set up, required operator assistance, and were the domain of large, professional organizations. Suddenly, conferencing wasn’t a service for privileged companies, but for non-profits, small businesses and organizations who cited FreeConference as a service that gave them a professional face and the cost savings to devote to their business endeavors.

Over time, more than 60 of the Fortune 100 companies have used FreeConference as Division autonomy and cost containment mandates gave line managers the freedom to choose and use those communication tools that enabled their team’s flexibility and productivity while keeping costs in check.

FreeConference was also featured in both PCWorld’s December ‘09 issue, and in May 2006 as one of the “101 Fabulous Freebies.”

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About FreeConference®

FreeConference originated the free teleconferencing concept with highly automated, enterprise quality conferencing services for businesses, organizations and individuals requiring top-tier performance at little or no cost. FreeConference continues to lead the industry with innovative value-added audio and web conferencing options that let users customize the conferencing features they need, just when they need them. FreeConference is a service of Global Conference Partners. For more information, visit or