Why Pop-Up Training Matters: Use Free Screen Sharing To Avoiding Skill Expiration

How to Use Free Screen Sharing To Avoid Skill Expiration For Your Team

Warm upIt is no secret that a person’s skills tend to decline if they aren’t used. This problem becomes more difficult to solve when you are dealing with remote teams that you can’t easily check in with from time to time. So what’s a manager of a remote team to do? The answer is pop-up training using free screen sharing.

Screen sharing allows one meeting participant to share their screen with the rest of the assembly in real-time, meaning that as a manager, you can now tell your remote workers to share what they remember, instead of just telling you verbally.



Pop-up training keeps remote teams sharp

practiceNo one liked pop quizzes in school, so why would remote workers want a repackaged version of it? Because it will help them keep their skills sharp. You are investing in your remote workers by teaching them new skills, and the upkeep of those skills should be in the mutual interest of both you and your remote workers.

It also goes without saying that you shouldn’t actually treat your pop-up training like a test, but more like a “refresher”. Don’t assign scores or place unnecessary emphasis of being 100% correct; instead, invite your remote workers to see it as a fun, lighthearted exercise where they are free to joke around and have fun while applying their knowledge.

When pop-up training is normalized, teams keep themselves on track

RunningPeople are creatures of habit. After you’ve held a few pop-up training sessions with your remote team, they will start to expect them regularly. Your remote team will begin to practice the skills they have learned on their own time. Eventually, they will be able to regulate their own skill retention, making further pop-up training with free screen sharing less necessary.

I wouldn’t recommend cutting out pop-up training completely, though. Your remote workers will eventually see it as part of their monthly habits, so removing it might make some of your workers stop seeing the necessity of keeping their skills up-to-date. Plus, some remote workers might actually miss your training sessions.

Pop-up training through free screen sharing is the easiest way to connect

Thanks to apps like free screen sharing, you can employ remote workers from virtually anywhere in the world that has a decent internet connection. This means that the easiest way to hold a pop-up training session for your team it still over a conference and video calling platform like FreeConference.com.

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