How to Make Conference Calls Part of Your Donation Funnel

Make Conference Calls Part of Your Donation Funnel to Increase Contributions

For non-profit owners, it’s more of a vocation than a job. Margins are usually tight, and sometimes you have to rely on the kindness of people around you to get by. But that’s okay because you know that every dollar you put towards your cause goes straight to where it’s needed most. Well, what if I told you that learning how to make conference calls could potentially create a noticeable increase in your donations –and the best part is that you can do it for free!

How Conference Calls Can Help You Increase Donations

FundraiserToday’s business executives are starved for time, so offering a quick, free way to connect is a huge bonus to your organization. Appearing organized with a clear ask and a detailed follow-up will show others that you are serious about what you do, and that they can trust you to follow through on your promises.

Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you can use conference calls to create an emotional response in the person that you’re pitching to. You can do this by using visuals and statistics to show how their money will improve your cause and be put to good use. Through the use of’s video conferencing with screen sharing, you can show exactly how your donor’s money will help through graphs, mockups, statistics, and just about anything else you can think of.


How to Conference Call The Easy Way

Global makes conference calls quick and easy, even if you’ve never held a conference call before. Simply log into your free account to be taken to your dashboard, which lets you schedule a meeting, change your settings, check your calendar, or jump into a new meeting with a single click.
For participants to join your meeting, all they need is either your access code, or your meeting room’s URL, which are both automatically sent with a meeting invitation over SMS or email. Participants can click on the meeting room URL link or paste it into their browser, or input your access code on the front page of

Other Tips to Increase Giving

Online meeting handshakeYou can also use other tools to gather online donations like GoFundMe to simplify your donation process, removing some of the donation barriers that potential donors would face. You could also try asking for recurring smaller donations instead of one larger lump sum so that you have a steady donation stream that you can rely on. Failing that, there’s no shame in asking for a product or service donation instead of a cash donation. Anything helps, right?

Making subtle changes to your language and approach can also be a worthwhile pursuit. Using words like “small” and “immediately” can improve your chances of getting a successful donation, so it is worth getting into the practice of consistently tweaking your the wording in your marketing and solicitation assets.

Set Up Conference Calls for Free for All Your Meetings and Presentations

Not only does give you a great platform for meeting potential donors, it’s also a great tool for coordinating teams of volunteers and interviewing potential volunteers. We’re the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

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