Classrooms Are Going Digital With This 1 Tool That Enhances Learning

Teachers online

Just like technology has taken precedence in our everyday lives, it’s also become a huge part of the classroom. The way in which students learn is far more engaging and hands-on than it was only years ago as more schools are ‘going digital.’ These fully integrated lessons supported by technology (rather than just using it as an aid) are creating a more dynamic environment for students to absorb course material. Perhaps one of the reasons adding technology to the classroom has been so beneficial is that students feel they are being spoken to and taught on their level in a digital language they can grasp.

There are plenty of ways tech is revolutionizing the classroom, and the online whiteboard is one of them. Much like a chalkboard, but exponentially better, it is able to convey information and help users describe complex thoughts. Not only does an online whiteboard allow users to draw, erase and place shapes into a completely virtual sketchpad, but you can also select multiple colors and shapes and draw on the go to help make your abstract idea concrete. This is only the beginning of what an online whiteboard can do. Here’s how it can positively impact the classroom as well:

Get Kids Raising Their Hands More

When leveraging technology by using an online whiteboard, you’re able to meet kids halfway. It’s no secret that life outside the four walls of the classroom is rampant with touch screens to swipe and buttons to click. By incorporating a piece of the outside world to enhance learning, kids will feel more inclined to participate. Not only is an online whiteboard fun to use, but it also encourages creativity and the sharing of ideas. Even for introverts, inviting quieter students to elaborate their thought for the class by drawing a sketch and putting together different elements on the online whiteboard is a great way to break the ice.

Collaborative Problem Solving In a Group

Imagine how much deeper an understanding students get when they can watch their teacher engage with a guest speaker using an online whiteboard. Together, they can create as they go, really driving home a thorough understanding for students. If a topic is too dense to explain or a formula too complex to untangle, the student and or the speaker can simply take a mere few seconds to draw out the full algebraic formula or visually show the difference in colour between cerulean and lapis lazuli. The best part? This is all done in real-time!

Connect With Students Who Are Located Elsewhere

Teaching remotely is easier now than ever before. With the online whiteboard feature, students can feel connected over the course material from wherever they are. Instead of only being sent digital copies or recordings, they can join in and interact in real time. It’s like they’re there and can still participate even though they might be miles or cities away. Plus, once all is said and drawn out, you can clear and close the whiteboard if it’s too distracting, or save as a PNG and share it later. Everything will be saved, so you don’t have to struggle to remember any nuggets of wisdom that were scribbled down in a moment of genius!

Conduct Presentations And Showcase Projects

Using an online whiteboard as a platform for students to present their projects and work really showcases their efforts effectively. Forget the days of awkward presentation boards that require glue and paper and printing and sticking to get the message across. Online whiteboards are the perfect set up for students to show the class their mood boards, digital artwork, project roadmaps, brainstorming or completed essay. And, each presentation can be scheduled using the Invitations and Reminders feature so everyone is in the know.

Use Templates, Save Paper!

An online whiteboard (and other efforts made to go digital) means you can duplicate over and over again without significantly affecting cost and without wasting paper. Being eco-friendly is the way of the future, and also lessens the chance of losing projects or important info. It’s all in your computer so it can be accessed with a click, and it can be shared immediately – that means easier checking and less time spent marking for you!

Let’s Online Whiteboard add-on feature revolutionize the classroom. By setting up the online whiteboard for your students, you can expect to see young minds collaborate more and take part in more open discussion. Plus, with other features like Free Screen Sharing, and add ons like Live Streaming to YouTube, students are getting an even more enriched education.