Build Trust With Customers By Branding Your Video Conferencing Software​

Sure, it’s great to be able to show off video conferencing software with your company’s own branding to your clients, but how much thought have you given to why it is better? Having a branded video conference software certainly looks nicer, and it is always good to show off your company’s brand colors, but there are many more subtle reasons why using a branded video conferencing software will be better for your business.

What Branding Means To You As A Business

Business BrandingThe term branding technically refers to the brand name of a company, similar to a trademark. In the contemporary workplace, it has come to encompass much more than just a name, and is more like “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes”. A company’s brand includes their visuals and messaging, but also encompasses their sounds, fonts, and even the ratio of negative space on their website. If that weren’t enough, a company’s customer experience can also be seen as another extension of their brand too.

So if you feel like the definition of what a brand sounds a little ethereal and hard to grasp, that’s only because it encompasses everything that relates to how a business is perceived.

Why Should I Add My Brand To My Video Conferencing Software?

Business ConferencingIn some cases, your video conference is the first experience a customer has with your brand. It’s a common truism in the workplace that first impressions matter, so even though video conferencing interactions could only span minutes or even seconds, they are something you should be thinking about.

The more touchpoints that your brand has, the more established it will appear. For instance, when real or potential clients have a good experience with your video conferencing software, they will associate that good feeling with your brand if your logo and colors are present. Touchpoints like email and social are simple enough that any brand can use them to display its brand, but video conferencing software is unique enough to distinguish you from your competitors, and show off a service that is as professional as you are.

What Can Callbridge’s Video Conferencing Software Do For My Business?

Home oficeI’m glad you asked! You’ve probably already guessed that Callbridge allows you to add your company’s logo and brand colors to your conference room, allowing them to be prominently displayed on every page. It also lets you add a professionally recorded and personalized greeting to your conference line that is played when guests join your meeting.

Along with its branding capabilities, Callbridge gives you access to its array of innovative web and phone conferencing features like HD audio and video, AI-assisted searchable transcriptions, the ability to conference from any device without downloads, and much more. So if your business is looking to increase its brand awareness and trust, consider trying Callbridge free for 30 days.