Boost Collaboration With The Top 6 Best Online Whiteboard Platforms

When your team feels like they’re contributing and doing their jobs effectively, that’s when morale goes up and the numbers come in. If you’re a church leader or raising funds for a campaign, running a volunteer group or hosting a 1:1 coaching session, every business and organization runs on collaboration in order to be successful. These moving parts require alignment and working together through progress updates and information sharing. Thankfully, there’s a myriad of tools that help things move along and stoke inspiration too.

Online WhiteboardCollaboration tools make doing work go more smoothly. They’re designed to bridge the communication as well as the geographical gap. Spread out teams are instantly imported onto your screen via a wifi connection and video conferencing software with a collaboration tool like an online whiteboard.

Online whiteboards give teams the freedom to make abstract ideas concrete. Ideas flow freely as they are captured and discussed or sketched out. The beauty of an online whiteboard is that it offers all participants in the online meeting the opportunity to breakdown complex ideas succinctly and without eating up too much time. Plus, they assist in making any sync more engaging because information is shared in real-time.

Here are 6 online whiteboards that will boost collaboration and help shift projects into high-gear.

GoToMeeting6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a professional meeting software platform that not only has 2-way communication solutions, but also a pretty effective online whiteboard that comes with all the bells and whistles. For example, GoToMeeting has three different tools that allow you to express yourself on screen, through drawing, highlighting and pointing on screen. This is a convenient tool for presenting and makes real-time collaboration easy to follow. GoToMeeting also comes with screen sharing and caters to mid-size businesses.

AWW App5. AWW App

This online whiteboard app is exactly that without 2-way communication. It runs directly on your browser, meaning there are no hefty downloads that weigh down your bandwidth. Accessibility is simple and straight to the point, you can get drawing and creating in no time flat! The free version lets you access the online whiteboard and gets others onboard, while the upgrade to the paid plan opens up more features and is better for an enterprise. Boards are equipped with a dotted grid background to facilitate accurate renderings, and can be opened up and used on both mobile and desktop devices.

eZTalks4. eZTalks Meetings

For online meetings and information sharing, eZTalksMeetings combines 2-way communication with effective features. Along with their solutions for every size conference room imaginable, the interactive whiteboard is very intuitive, and allows for multiple users to engage all at once. Perfect for presentations and for solving problems visually in real-time, the eZTalks Meetings online whiteboard has a feature that gives users the option to post a note on top of the board that doesn’t interfere with what’s happening on the board.

Twiddla3. Twiddla

Best suited for teaching and using in classrooms, Twiddla empowers learning. While it comes with all the standard whiteboard features like sharing photos, working with screenshots, file sharing and drawing, Twiddla has additional perks that allow users to mark up websites. There’s no set up, meetings can be made public or private and it’s very user friendly.

2. Groupboard

GroupboardMore than just a blank canvas, Groupboard fosters a very collaborative space that comes with additional applications to assist the process. All of their products are available in fully hosted cloud solutions. The software is geared for tutoring and uses your web browser (or mobile browser) to access virtual whiteboards which means no downloading. There’s a built-in chat feature and admin tools to help moderate, authorize and control the space.

FreeConferenceThe Online Whiteboard improves online meetings by strengthening the quality of your delivery. Perfect for presenting, and breaking down complex ideas, it’s easy to cater to the needs of your growing business when you can collaborate anytime from anywhere. Attach links, images, and files to sell your idea or bring it to life. Or draw and write down challenging concepts using the shape recognition algorithm that recognizes different colors, shapes and lines while intuitively assisting what you’re describing. Plus, there’s a chat feature so you can address a group or an individual in private. Mark up your ideas now, and save them for future reference by opening up a new board. The canvas is infinite so you never miss a detail., the original free conference call, online meeting and collaboration tool with zero downloads adds to your educational, business, personal and charitable endeavors.