Boost Your Business by Upgrading Your FreeConference Account

FreeConference got its namesake by providing a great free plan with awesome quality, attracting a lot of customers to our platform. While the free plan works for many of our customers, our premium plan offers a much more robust set of features that can make FreeConference your ideal communication platform. We like the free plan as much as our customers, but there are times when free is not enough.

Connect 100 Participants to Your Online Meeting Room

As mentioned in the video, your online meeting room can only fit 5 participants on at a time. That number increases to up to 100 callers on your upgraded plan, making sure everyone gets a seat at the table. If 100 is still not enough, you can link your FreeConference account to your YouTube live streaming for unlimited viewers to watch your call live on YouTube.

Dial-In From Anywhere and Protect your Meetings

Ensure that your callers never receive call charges by upgrading your account. You gain access to more than 50 premium international and toll-free dial-in numbers. Also, take advantage of your security features. Lock the call and keep unwanted callers from calling in!

Leave the Note Taking to FreeConference

If you like keeping good records and taking great notes, then upgrading your FreeConference should be an easy decision, since both audio and video recordings are available on our premium plans. You can even select voice-to-text auto-transcription to go with your conference recording. The transcript is sent to you via email, and a searchable record would also be kept within your FreeConference account. You can retrieve data through these transcripts by typing what you’re looking for in the search bar. FreeConference will then highlight where to find your data.