What Is A Virtual Doctor Visit And Is It Right For You?

Connectivity is available at every step, making almost everything we do online more productive. Now, more than ever, anyone with a device and wifi has the opportunity to obtain information instantly at their fingertips. Enter virtual visits with the doctor, a time-saving and potentially life-saving advance in technology where patients near and far have a direct line to general practitioners and specialists via video conferencing software. This is where connectivity truly has the power to improve lives.

Online meetingWhat is a virtual visit?

Imagine taking out the headache of going to see the doctor for certain appointments. By means of video conferencing, a virtual visit is held in the comfort of one’s own home or desired space, giving patients a way to make contact with a doctor, practitioner or health care center – without the traditional hassles of “going to see a doctor.” A virtual visit embodies the face-time of meeting with a practitioner, minus the logistics of missing work, booking months in advance, commuting across town, and waiting in the waiting room before seeing the doctor – to name only a few!

Regardless of where the patient is located, virtual access to care is established through a device via a communication platform where both the patient and doctor can convene. Contrary to a normal doctor’s visit, a virtual visit can happen from anywhere, instantly, and is a suitable solution for a majority of preliminary medical concerns – preventative and urgent. And one thing is for certain – waiting in a virtual waiting room is much more pleasant than a physical one!

Why a virtual visit?

The benefits of virtual doctor’s visits are many. Firstly, patients who live in rural areas have limited medical resources. And a specialized doctor? Not likely. Even city dwellers who are in close proximity might not have a straight forward line of approach to specific medical professionals! Especially if there’s a referral required or an extended waiting list. With virtual visits, the gap between patients and practitioners is bridged, providing a time-saving and convenient avenue for regular or urgent care appointments. Offering video conferencing and conference calling alternatives to in-office appointments bring inclusivity to all sorts of communities.

Who is a virtual visit for?

A virtual visit is appropriate for follow-up visits when patients are required to review test results with a doctor or share their response after treatment. Furthermore, video conferencing sessions are successful and have been used extensively in the realm of behavioral and mental health care – effective in therapy sessions or one-on-ones. In addition, for the elderly, disabled or newcomers with language barriers, virtual visits provide are a safe and convenient option to confer with a medical professional in the familiarity and privacy of their own space.

Medical ProfessionalHow does a virtual visit work?

A virtual visit can take many forms, but typically:
1. The patient’s invitation is received via email from their healthcare provider after determining if a virtual visit is suitable for their condition or request.
2. The patient should be set up on their device in a quiet, distraction-free environment (headsets make a difference!) that is private and comfortable for them to open up about their condition as they would in person with a doctor in the screening room.
3. The patient needs to test their internet connection and follow the instructions in the invitation outlining how to check the camera, speaker and microphone.
4. The patient has the floor to open up and communicate with the doctor about their condition.
5. The patient and doctor discuss the next steps together regarding a follow-up, prescription or diagnostics.

In other cases, patients may engage in a virtual visit from a healthcare center rather than at home. It’s as simple as scheduling an appointment to visit the office; signing in at reception; being led into a private, telemedicine room then opening up to the doctor about the condition and following up.

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