6 Free Video Conferencing Features That Empower Remote Working

One of the many factors every digital nomad, and remote team starting up their business has to consider on a regular basis is finding a clear, reliable, free video conferencing platform. After all, we are living in the remote working era. Being adequately hooked up to wifi with all the technological bells and whistles to stay connected wherever you are, from smack dab in the middle of a bustling city to a farmhouse in the country, is a necessity. And so is video conferencing you can depend on with features that empower remote work. Read on to discover exactly which ones enable more productive and less tiresome meetings – for free!


6. Get Started In The Online Meeting Room

If you have a coaching business, you could really benefit from free video conferencing. Aside from the fact that it’s free, an online meeting room is perfect for clients in one location so you can connect instantly, host an online meeting and get down to business. This makes collaborating remotely easy – and breezy like the shoreline you could be looking at from the window of your beach house.

5. View Other Screens With Screen Sharing

Who knew free video conferencing would be able to give you access to other people’s desktops, spreadsheets, and presentations? Screen sharing is perfect for presenting or collaborating on projects with colleagues in Sydney when you’re in London. You can share up to 5 screens and upgrade for more. Hello Hong Kong, Vancouver, and Cape Town!

4. Conference By Phone Or By Web

WorkspaceMake it easy for your clients and teammates to get free video conferencing. With a dedicated dial-in number, it’s available whenever it’s needed and accessible by phone or by the web. Never worry about reserving conference lines, time limits or fees. Once participants have an access code and you have your moderator PIN, everyone can dial the same number and enjoy an instant connection from any device, from any corner of the world.

3. Create Invitations And Reminders

Set it and forget it! Automatic invitations and reminders save you time and brain power. Once everyone’s email addresses and info are uploaded into your address book, all you have to do is plug in the necessary details like date, time, and a dial-in number. Everyone is instantly connected to the info they need while they confirm their attendance and you get all the responses you need!

2. No More Long Emails

Have you ever sent an email or message only to get your meaning totally misconstrued by the recipient? Swap long-winded emails for video conferencing instead. A 10-minute video chat can better relay your vocal tonality and facial expressions, and remove any potential for miscommunication that could come with working remotely.

1. Shoot Off Direct Messages With Text Chatting

Remote workWhen you have a few participants logged on during a free video conferencing meeting, sometimes you might have a thought or idea that only affects the one person who is working remotely while everyone else is in the same city. In this case, firing off a message using the text chat feature is perfect for sharing sensitive info like flight information or hotel details, quickly and without interrupting the meeting rhythm.

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