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If you’re considering a video conferencing API for your business, you need to make an informed decision. That’s why you should download the latest comparison report from InfoTech Software Reviews, which evaluates iotum and Zoom API head-to-head. 

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iotum’s programmable video and voice – optimized to fit into your already existing app – is built by local developers only. Your business is our business which means calls are only routed via secure locations using WebRTC technology (zero downloads required) for extra security that gets updated on a regular basis.

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iotum's Cutting-Edge Video Conferencing API and Video SDK Are Built to Fit Seamlessly Into Existing Systems

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Our Zoom API alternative solution utilizes the latest in video technology that uses less bandwidth for the same top-notch video quality. You can always expect crystal clear audio and video. Plus, it’s able to maintain better video quality under poor internet conditions.

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Make every user touchpoint as simplified and convenient as possible, so prospects never have to leave your page to view a video. Stay ahead of the curve in today’s business landscape with iotum’s already-built in video conference API that ensures all additional actions can be done from your page – without additional development from your side. Simply switch from Zoom API, plug, play and meet.

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Whatever the framework of your business or organization, iotum’s video conferencing API can match and exceed your needs. If you’re looking to replace Zoom API with 1:1 video chat alternative, or a larger, more enterprise-ready solution for thousands of participants, iotum’s quality control, analytics and network performance indicators work to accommodate your set-up, anytime and wherever you are.