5 Effective Business Communication Techniques To Start Implementing Now

Conference Call

Without crystal clear effective communication – the most vital tool for any and every business owner – the success of your company is compromised. Properly articulating your point or negotiating can be the difference between shaking hands on a deal or walking away from a lost opportunity! Everywhere you turn there is potential for new business so if you can’t breakdown company policies to customers, answer on-the-spot questions from clients or simplify procedures to employees, you might have to reevaluate the way in which you send and receive messages, literally and figuratively.

For one, conference calls and video conferencing offer a fast, convenient, and reliable method to relay your message anytime from anywhere. Secondly, it’s a platform to express your ideas, and present your business professionally while at the same time offering 2-way communication for feedback. This allows you to provide support to existing clients, pick up new business overseas, and train employees; all with a laptop and Internet connection.

But first, it’s important to go over a few techniques to make sure you’re explaining yourself and making yourself heard in the best, most effective way possible. Here are some of the concepts businesses are implementing via conference calls to precisely articulate their ideas and add dimension to their meetings and discussions:

Show Don’t Tell

The beauty of video calling and conference calls is that you can express your point of view with visual aids that support your dialogue. Naturally, we learn better when we can see it before our eyes. Visual communication by way of infographics, charts, and images help solidify thoughts and ideas in the minds of who we’re speaking to. Suddenly, long reports and syncs aren’t as dry as they once were! By making your next meeting more visually dynamic, you can expect higher attendance, more participation and better productivity!

Exude Confidence, Be Clear

Conveying your thoughts clearly and concisely with a beginning, middle and end will ensure your message gets picked up. When on a conference call, speaking slowly and with intention ensures your idea lands well. To quote Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Use words everyone understands, and offer a willingness to share expertise as well as knowledge if participants need further explanation.

Push For A Positive Culture

Reinforcing an inclusive, positive culture makes employees want to speak up, contribute and participate. Whether you have routine conference calls to discuss weekly hits and misses, and frequently update the company culture deck to be sent out sporadically, these efforts nurture a growing corporate environment. Some example features of a culture deck include new hires, the company’s mission statement, company values, company communication styles, etc.

Open A Feedback Loop

Constructive feedback is so important for learning and growth. Routine one-on-ones between upper management and other team members via conference calling (if not in person) help foster a loop that improves communication, develops trust and facilitates cooperation. Have a big team? Want feedback from clients? Reach out wider by sending out a detailed survey.

Apply the HOT Approach

Whether you’re communicating with a disgruntled client or reluctant employee, on your next conference call or video chat, remember the acronym, H-O-T. H is for Honest, O is for Open and T is for two-way. Set the tone for every meeting with a concerted effort towards being honest – facts over false information. Remain open and as approachable as possible to maintain a relaxed and calm setting, and be receptive to the viewpoints of others, remembering that it’s a two-way street where participants have things to say as well.

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