4 Reasons Why Recording Your Meetings Improves Performance

If you need any more proof that video has become such an integral part of our lives at home and in business, just take a quick scan around you. Notice the use of a camera in the technology you use every day, like in the corner of your smartphone, at the top of your computer, even at a busy intersection downtown. Everywhere, we have the ability to see via a lens and be transported somewhere else.

Meeting RecordLike in a meeting, perhaps? For your next brainstorming or networking sync, open your email and you’ll most probably see video recording details attached. Easy, reliable, and with all the bells and whistles to improve any meeting, group communication video technology has become an effective way we communicate with each other.

Video recording affords team members the luxury of an enhanced experience that provides so much more than just going through the motions of showing up, listening and taking notes. With add-ons and features like recording that captures every element of your sync, you’ll quickly transform the quality of your sessions for the better. Here’s how hitting record on your next meeting will give you and your team a head start:

4. Capture Highlights For Those Who Couldn’t Attend

There will always be a colleague or two who can’t show up to an appointment due to working remotely, or a last-minute schedule conflict or flight delay. No sweat. The simple solution is to record it. Video can be shared moments after the meeting is complete and everyone has access to the same information. It’s the second best thing to being physically there!

3. Make Note Taking A Thing Of The Past

Taking notesHow many times have you struggled to keep up while jotting down someone’s long-winded idea? Fiercely scribbling down notes can detract from what’s being shared in the moment. And if the information is coming at you too quickly, your penmanship will be near impossible to read later! Scrap the hassle and multi-tasking. Simply hit the record button at the top of the screen, and give that cramp in your arm a much-deserved rest. What’s more, you can easily scan through the summary to provide the next steps in the follow-up email without having to transcribe everything. How’s that for conducting a productive meeting?

2. Archive The Full Developmental Process

Video recording is a way to capture the project from start to finish, with a recorded detailing of how things evolved from point a to point m. If there were any unique ideas or hard turns that came into play during the evolution of the project, it’s possible to go back and see where things turned for the better or worse. Furthermore, you can always skim through for any little ideas or nuggets of insight that could have been lost along the way, potentially offering ideas for next steps in the future.

And one more thing, from a legal standpoint, meeting archives could come in handy if an expensive project with many investors requires formal documentation of a decision made, or if a dispute arises. Any claims or legal support are strengthened with tangible proof rather than flimsy claims like, “The client informed us in a discussion,” or “It was verbally communicated…” that just don’t stand up in comparison to a recording.

1. Drive Action To Create Accountability

Meeting roomIt’s disappointing to walk into a follow-up only to discover that no steps previously discussed were taken. What’s the point? Save your time, effort and energy. Video recording your session holds your colleagues accountable and illustrates a better idea of how, when, and by whom things will get done, creating a map and action plan that is easy to understand and promotes accountability – the magic ingredient.


In order for your business or organization to run smoothly and operate like a well-oiled machine, consider the importance of clear and effective communication, understood and agreed on by everyone involved! FreeConference.com is the video conferencing tool that offers video recording for meetings that have better context, more inclusivity and no information gaps, perfect for your educational organization, nonprofit, coaching business and more. Try it today.