Callbridge Makes Web Conferencing Easy

We caught up with our friends at Danby Appliances for a quick chat on Callbridge. Watch this video with Cherie Bauman, administrative assistant at Danby Appliances.

Danby Appliances is one of the largest home and compact appliances companies in North America. The head office is in Ontario, with four locations in the US and one in China. Danby chose Callbridge as their communications solution for their company. Bauman explains that Callbridge’s international and toll-free dial-ins are tailor-made for their international meetings. They have used Callbridge worldwide, dialing in from Europe, Canada, U.S., Mexico, and China.

Bauman also cited the easy-to-use interface as a reason for choosing Callbridge. “We appreciate the fact that there’s no downloads involved, anybody can log on at anytime.” Bauman further explained how “it’s been easy for our customers, as they are not required to download any additional programs.”

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