Your community is calling.

TalkShoe is a community-based podcast hosting platform that is designed to bridge the gap between host and listener. Its unique “Live Community Call” feature allows listeners to talk, text chat, or just listen along with their favorite podcasters to discover fun and interesting new content, creating an atmosphere that is unlike any other podcast hosting service.

Podcast creators can upload pre-recorded podcasts with free storage, or record podcasts through TalkShoe with no recording limit. Recorded podcasts are listed on TalkShoe’s comprehensive directory. Creators can choose to post their podcast to iTunes and other podcast directories, a personal blog, or they can choose to be unlisted and invite guests via email.

TalkShoe was acquired by iotum in 2016, and has over 100,000 users and millions of listeners that collaborate on various topics including business, computers, sports, religion, politics, music, arts, science, travel, and more.