5 Effective Business Communication Techniques To Start Implementing Now

Without crystal clear effective communication – the most vital tool for any and every business owner – the success of your company is compromised. Properly articulating your point or negotiating can be the difference between shaking hands on a deal or walking away from a lost opportunity! Everywhere you turn there is potential for new business so if you can’t breakdown company policies to customers, answer on-the-spot questions from clients or simplify procedures to employees, you might have to reevaluate the way in which you send and receive messages, literally and figuratively. For one, conference calls and video conferencing offer a fast, convenient, and reliable method to relay your message anytime from anywhere. Secondly, it’s a platform to express your... Read More

Why Video Conferencing Software Should Be GDPR Compliant Even If You Don’t Have Clients In Europe

The two words that that stick to everyone’s top of mind awareness in regards to cybersecurity is without a doubt – data privacy. It’s a reality that the way in which we do international business or even run mundane errands like buy groceries or do our banking online, all require the transfer of sensitive information across a vast Internet. And when in a discussion about video conferencing, the conversation about data privacy becomes amplified. With so much data shared during a session, video conferencing software has to have the necessary security features in place in order to protect both the company’s and client’s details. The moment a company has a security risk that puts its customer’s data in jeopardy or... Read More

Classrooms Are Going Digital With This 1 Tool That Enhances Learning

Just like technology has taken precedence in our everyday lives, it’s also become a huge part of the classroom. The way in which students learn is far more engaging and hands-on than it was only years ago as more schools are ‘going digital.’ These fully integrated lessons supported by technology (rather than just using it as an aid) are creating a more dynamic environment for students to absorb course material. Perhaps one of the reasons adding technology to the classroom has been so beneficial is that students feel they are being spoken to and taught on their level in a digital language they can grasp. There are plenty of ways tech is revolutionizing the classroom, and the online whiteboard is... Read More

2 Cybersecurity Features Every Remote Worker Needs For Virtual Meetings

If you’re part of a geographically distributed team or even an employee who occasionally works from home, surely you’re no stranger to virtual meetings. With 2.9% of the American workforce (that’s 3.9 million people) working remotely, flexible working situations are skyrocketing. From catch-ups to follow-ups, to tissue sessions and more, convening online with team members typically occurs with video conferencing when you’re working remotely. A laptop, smartphone, software – these tools create an on-the-go office, following you wherever you may roam. The reality is, however, because you aren’t working on-site (even if you only infrequently take your work home with you), you’re more susceptible to security risks. Relying on your own Wi-Fi networks and personal devices to access company data... Read More

How To Use Dial-In Numbers To Communicate With Clients

If your livelihood is built on 2-way communication with a client, you know how important it is for your business to have good quality meetings online. The technology you use to touch base directly with your clients helps to determine the success of your enterprise. No one wants to have a session or a meeting when the connection keeps cutting out! As a geographically independent solopreneur or entrepreneur like a health coach or therapist, you most likely have clients who are situated near and far. Consider some of the logistical realities of running your business like making long distance calls, finding a strong internet connection from remote locations, and having tech that provides crisp and clear audio and visual quality... Read More

The Phone Booth Room And How It’s Shaping The Workplace

Between tools for project management, team collaboration and group communication, the ways in which we communicate are exponentially helping us to do it better. Especially video conferencing, and how it’s reinvigorating the workplace as we know it. Consider the modern day use of a phone booth room, which is exactly what it sounds like. You may remember all the trappings of an actual (nearly ancient) phone booth. Think back to a pre-mobile time, where every street corner had a sliding glass door that opened up into a small vertical space. The caller would enter, and feel whisked away from the outside white noise into a quieter, more peaceful setting. One could pick up the receiver and dial a number found... Read More

Add A Personal Touch To The Way You Run Your Small Business

As a small business owner, networking is everything. Establishing bonds and making connections, while talking to everyone from suppliers to vendors to customers and their families! The insights and nuggets of information acquired from the people who are supporting your business are very valuable. And it’s up to you to position your budding brand (and ultimately, yourself!) as capable, desirable and ready to offer a quality product or service. Building a rapport with everyone leaves an impression that is as important now as it is down the line. This is where using free conference calls and the free conference call app can work to build stronger relationships with everyone you communicate with. Free conference calls make 2-way communication easier, making... Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs To Take Security Seriously And The 1 Way You Can Start Now

There are so many things to consider when your startup is raring to go. Unfortunately, that’s when cybersecurity tends to fall to the wayside. Other more seemingly pressing matters such as designing a website, new business development, hiring the right talent, etc. take centre stage. This is where making the mistake of not setting up online security can compromise your IT infrastructure in the future. Protect your business by providing private video conferencing for meetings and calls when discussing valuable ideas, and having conversations about intellectual property and insider information. When sharing sensitive info, private video conferencing offers peace of mind. Security breaches can cost you a chunk of the market share, making existing and potential customers and clients wary... Read More

Customer Feedback Is Critical – Here’s How To Encourage It With Free Conference Calling

When your small business is making headway, the last thing you want to worry about is customers making complaints. This isn’t the fun and glamorous side of launching your online shop or e-commerce idea, but it is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur, and every entrepreneur knows that there’s no success without a few growing pains. Plus, it adds to the excitement of being your own boss – there are so many teachable lessons on an entrepreneurial journey. Receiving negative feedback is one of them, but with the right tools, it can lead to results. Implementing free conference calling to address customer complaints helps ensure a seamless transaction that allows you to feel supported while offering your customers support.... Read More

How AI Is Freeing Workers From Repetition While Simultaneously Empowering Collaboration

There was a moment in history when the mention of artificial intelligence was like something out of a science fiction novel. While we aren’t exactly commuting in spacecraft between planets à la Jetsons, we do have a couple of things to thank artificial intelligence for, especially on the business front. Here’s a look at how AI is positively revitalizing the way we communicate. Back in the 1950s, AI was first described as “any task performed by a program or a machine, that if a human carried out the same activity, we would say the human had to apply intelligence to accomplish the task.” This is a broad definition that has since been drilled down and branched out into further concepts... Read More