Podcast Directory 101: How To Get Your Podcast Listed & More

If you’re just podcasting for fun, then being listed by podcasting directories isn’t something you may worry about. For everyone else, getting your podcast listed on iTunes and other directories is a major step that you have to take if you’re serious about podcasting. Think of it like a product that you’re trying to get on the shelf. It could be the best product the world has ever seen, but if it isn’t on shelves then no one knows about it. Similarly, there might also be products that appear on shelves all over the world that aren’t as good as yours, but have high distribution –so never be discouraged by the “big guys”. Your podcast is your product, so let’s... Read More

How to Screen Share​ for Great Virtual Presentations

How to use Screen Sharing for Awesome Online Presentations Screen sharing can add a lot to your online meetings and presentations. If you’re not tech savvy, don’t worry. Although it may take a few moments for you to learn how to screen share, your future meeting participants will thank you. Screen sharing is a simple but useful tool that lets you present your slide decks, graphs, images, and more to everyone in your conference call that is joining over the web. Your screen sharing can also be recorded, if you have a paid subscription.

Trends in The Workplace: Businesses That Let Their Employees Work From Home Thanks To Video Conferencing

Why Working From Home Is On The Rise Thanks To Factors Like Video Conferencing This month, Callbridge will be focusing on emerging trends in the 21st century workplace, and what they mean for your meetings. This week’s topic is centered around businesses that are giving their employees the flexibility to work from home, and why that’s a good thing for everyone. If you don’t know what working from home means, it is basically exactly what it sounds like: working remotely for a company from your home or any other place that isn’t the office. Sounds great, right? While working from home used to something that people were afraid to ask about for fear of being seen as lazy, it has... Read More

Make a Difference and Get Your Voice Heard Through Podcast Hosting

Podcasts are a unique medium that allow for a lot of creativity and personalization, but are easily accessible by everyone with a computer and a basic understanding of audio recording. Podcast hosting allows anyone with an opinion or a story to get their ideas onto the public airwaves, and potentially be heard by thousands or even millions of people. If you have ever considered creating a podcast, this blog will hope to convince you that no matter how small, big, or strange your idea is, you should be giving it a platform of its own through TalkShoe’s free service. One Voice Can Always Make a Difference, and It’s Usually The Only Thing That Does If you have never created a... Read More

Trends in The Workplace: The Shorter, More Meaningful Online Meeting

The Rise of The Shorter, More Meaningful Online Meeting in The Workplace This month, Callbridge will be focusing on emerging trends in the 21st century workplace, and what they mean for your meetings. This week’s topic is centered around the emergence of the ultra-short, ultra-efficient online meeting that has begun to replace the drawn-out, rambling meetings of the past that often took up an entire afternoon or more. The trend towards shorter and more efficient meetings is not a surprising one. As people are becoming more and more time-starved in their daily lives, they are trying to do more in the same 24 hours that people have always had. Although this change isn’t necessarily a bad one, it is definitely... Read More

How to Make Conference Calls Part of Your Donation Funnel

Make Conference Calls Part of Your Donation Funnel to Increase Contributions For non-profit owners, it’s more of a vocation than a job. Margins are usually tight, and sometimes you have to rely on the kindness of people around you to get by. But that’s okay because you know that every dollar you put towards your cause goes straight to where it’s needed most. Well, what if I told you that learning how to make conference calls could potentially create a noticeable increase in your donations –and the best part is that you can do it for free!

5 Tools for Digital Classrooms

Technology that Enhances the Classroom Experience for Students and Teachers From GPS maps to mobile apps, we’ve come to rely on technology for many aspects of our daily lives like navigation, banking, shopping, entertainment and…yes, education. In today’s blog, we’ll explore how web conferencing, screen sharing, and online apps are transforming the way students and teachers interact.

The Six Keys to Starting a Successful Podcast

If you’ve gotten this far, then congratulations! You have taken the first step towards starting a podcast! Whether you have a lot to say, or think podcasting is cool, we’re glad that you’ve decided to put yourself out on the airwaves. You might be wondering whether starting a podcast is really as easy as everyone says. Well you can take it from us! TalkShoe hosts over 5,000 podcasts on our free platform, and sees a new podcast created virtually every day — the next one could be yours! Since we’re the podcasting pros, we thought we would take it upon ourselves to give you the six keys to making your first podcast the best it can be. Here’s a breakdown... Read More

How to collaborate across time zones with an international conference call

Conference calls tend to get harder to plan and manage the farther people are away from each other. At Callbridge, we have a few methods of getting around this challenge. We know that in today’s increasingly globalized world, being able to smoothly hold an international conference call is more important than ever. When planning your own international conference calls, it pays to be thorough, especially if it’s your first one. Using this blog as a guide, you should be able to fill in any potential gaps in your planning, and soon be well underway to hosting a stellar international conference call that all of your guests can benefit from. Decide whether your guests will call in via phone or by... Read More

How Educators use Video Conferencing with Youtube Streaming to Escape the Classroom

Every teacher knows the power of adding a little variety to their lesson plans. Historically, this has meant bristol boards, DVDs, show-and-tells, and art projects. But in our modern age, there’s a new way to break through the monotony of teaching young and impatient students for several hours a day or week. The next time you are looking for a new and inventive way to reach your students, why not hold a video conference and stream through Youtube? Still thinking about it? Here are some reasons why it would be a great idea.