Build Trust With Customers By Branding Your Video Conferencing Software​

Sure, it’s great to be able to show off video conferencing software with your company’s own branding to your clients, but how much thought have you given to why it is better? Having a branded video conference software certainly looks nicer, and it is always good to show off your company’s brand colors, but there are many more subtle reasons why using a branded video conferencing software will be better for your business. What Branding Means To You As A Business The term branding technically refers to the brand name of a company, similar to a trademark. In the contemporary workplace, it has come to encompass much more than just a name, and is more like “the intangible sum of... Read More

Delegating to Remote Teams with Free Conference Calling

Efficiently Manage Remote Teams Across the Globe with Free Conference Calling If you’re a person that has to manage remote teams, you know that keeping people accountable and on-track isn’t always easy. Remote workers often won’t see your vision for how you want a project to look, especially if you are just connecting over email. What’s worse, telling your remote teams to make extra revisions will only cost you time and money. Instead, why not try free conference calling?

How To Host Your Podcast For Free

Podcast hosting isn’t the taboo word that it used to be. Thanks to TalkShoe, free podcast hosting is easier than it’s ever been, even if you have never created a podcast before If you’re someone that has always dreamed of having your own podcast, or if you’re just interested in dipping your toe in the podcasting world, you’ve come to the right place. Creating and hosting your podcast for free on TalkShoe’s directory is so easy that you could potentially do it in the time it takes to read this article.

How to Use Video Conferencing Solutions​ for Product Demos

Conduct Sales Calls with a Human Touch with Callbridge’s Video Conferencing Solution In a world where everyone is carrying a computer around in their pocket don’t be the one person who is conducting their sales and demo outreach without leveraging technology. Moving your sales and demo outreach onto a video conferencing solution will greatly improve both the way you do business, and the way your potential customers see you. How Can Video Conferencing Solutions Make Your Product Demo Better? It doesn’t matter how many features your video conferencing solution has if no one knows how to use them. Callbridge’s flagship offerings like screen sharing and smart transcriptions with AI-assisted search are incredibly easy to use, even if you aren’t very... Read More

Use Free Screen Sharing ​to Convince Your Donors to Give

Tips on How to Use Free Screen Sharing to Convince Donors to Give When it comes to donation pitches, you probably already know that every little bit helps. In a perfect world, all a needy person would have to do is stretch out their hands to receive the help they need, but this isn’t a perfect world. When people are depending on your non-profit to secure the funding it needs to help people, you need to be able to pull out all the stops.’s free screen sharing feature is the perfect addition to your donation pitch article, because it allows you to share information seamlessly between you and your meeting guests.

TalkShoe Breaks New Ground at The Toronto Podcaster MeetUp

Here at TalkShoe, we love to talk podcasting with other passionate podcasters. Last Wednesday, we took some of the TalkShoe crew out to The Pacific Junction Hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto to do just that! If you made it out to this event, thanks for stopping by and talking about podcasting! And if you didn’t make it, be sure to check out our highlight reel to see what you missed.

Trends In Work: Doing Business Across Time Zones with International Conference Calling

How Time Zone Scheduling Facilitates Better International Conference Calling The ability to hold an international conference call has made many things a lot easier, but it has also introduced problems of its own. Most notably, international conference calling isn’t always as easy as sending out a few meeting invitations, especially since midnight to one participant might be midday to another. Arranging international conference calls is confusing under the best of circumstances, especially to people that can only accept your call during their 9 to 5 job. How do you remember who is behind you, and who is in front of you? Is it daylight savings time, and does that even change anything? In order to get a handle on the... Read More

How to Set up a Conference Call for Student-Teacher Interviews

Setting Up Conference Calls for Student-Teacher Meetings Student-teacher meetings are important for keeping the lines of communication open in an academic environment. When utilized for student-teacher meetings, conference calling is a useful tool that can allow for easier, more convenient dialogue between teachers and their students. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the ways in which teachers can use conference calling as well as some tips on how to set-up a conference call or online meeting.

iotum Live Episode 2: Interview with Todd Shapiro

This is by far the most exciting episode of our “long and illustrious” podcast series history! Episode 2 of iotum Live features a fantastic interview with our longtime friend and TalkShoe user Todd Shapiro of SiriusXM. Todd stopped by our office and talked about what’s next for his podcast series, the do’s and don’ts of podcasting and his love for TalkShoe. This interview is the first of our podcaster interview series which will be featured on the 15th of every month on our iotum Live podcast. Also be sure to catch the Todd Shapiro Show weekdays from 4:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern time on SiriusXM channel 168 and on TalkShoe. Anyone can record a podcast and it doesn’t get easier... Read More