5 Marketing Pointers To Get Your Podcast Seen But Mostly Heard

When did podcasts become so popular? First of all, humans love stories, and the podcasting medium caters exactly to that. Segments can be long and saved for later to be listened to over and over and over again. Secondly, they incite your imagination. There is usually zero visual component, which means your mind gets to hum and whir and make it all up – just like a book. Thirdly, listeners trust their host. The potential for fake news is minimal. Good content builds a wider audience which builds listeners which builds brand integrity. There are so many more reasons why podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity and why they’re a critical component to your brand but one thing is for sure... Read More

4 Reasons Why Recording Your Meetings Improves Performance

If you need any more proof that video has become such an integral part of our lives at home and in business, just take a quick scan around you. Notice the use of a camera in the technology you use every day, like in the corner of your smartphone, at the top of your computer, even at a busy intersection downtown. Everywhere, we have the ability to see via a lens and be transported somewhere else. Like in a meeting, perhaps? For your next brainstorming or networking sync, open your email and you’ll most probably see video recording details attached. Easy, reliable, and with all the bells and whistles to improve any meeting, group communication video technology has become an... Read More

3 Proven Ways To Boost Your Audience Numbers

Launching a podcast is exciting! It takes weeks, months, years to build up the courage and content to launch a quality podcast into the universe. It’s challenging to get over that initial hump of, “Can I do it?”, “Will I connect with my audience?”, “Do I have enough to say?” These common thoughts are all perfectly normal at the beginning, and middle and end! So you’ve managed to wrangle your ego into submission, and your shiny, beautiful, well-crafted, and teeming-with-engaging-content podcast is ready to go. In fact, you’ve got episode 1 through 10 up, eagerly waiting for the world to click and listen, and spread it like wildfire. Except, it’s not. Your masterpiece isn’t getting the listener engagement you had... Read More

Why Video Conferencing Is The Tool You Need For Your Best Fantasy Sports League Yet

Diehard sports fans, this one is for you. If you thought fantasy sports leagues couldn’t get any more fun, this just in – it can. Your adored fantasy football or baseball league can get exponentially more entertaining and engaging by adding in the element of video conferencing. Creating a fantasy sports league is your chance to let your passion for sports shine. While it may not be “real,” it is still high-stakes and extremely competitive, and arguably, pretty darn real especially if you’re playing for keeps! Leading up to the first week, undoubtedly, you’ve pored over player statistics for hours, spent countless nights researching players and matchups and fiendishly fussing around with lineups over and over again to come up... Read More

5 Ways to Use Video Conferencing To Pick and Keep Top Talent

How Video Conferencing Makes Picking And Keeping Top Talent Easier For HR Hiring top talent requires understanding who it is you’re speaking to in a very short amount of time. Being able to pick up on someone’s attitude, demeanor, confidence, tone and even body language not only helps HR make an informed decision, but it also gives the candidate a chance to see what they’re getting into. Video conferencing is far more convincing than just a phone call. Plus, there’s a whole range of tools to help HR and the brand look polished and finessed. Remember, when it comes to a video interview, for example, HR isn’t the only one in the hot seat. The candidate also wants to choose... Read More

Why Virtual Meetings Invigorate Management Communication

As workplaces continue to evolve, so do the ways in which we share ideas, solve problems and discuss plans in meetings. The advent of virtual meetings is a wonderful perk of a more dynamic workplace that isn’t confined to a conference room in an office. In fact, it’s the total opposite and it’s been met with open arms from everyone – including management and CEOs. Gone are the days of driving far distances to commute to work or flying cross-country for a summit. Farewell to wasted time spent gathering team members for a last-minute huddle, and goodbye to long drawn out meetings that go way over time (it’s actually proven that virtual meetings tend to stay on track more so... Read More

Dos and Don’ts To Using Social Media To Enhance Your Podcast

There are no hard and fast rules for making your podcast shine and attract thousands of listeners. The golden era of early adopters launching a new podcast, getting it listed on iTunes, then getting a mass of listeners to tune in is more of a fantasy than reality as we enter 2019. But don’t feel discouraged. It just means you have to be more creative with marketing your podcast and unafraid to take matters into your own hands. It’s crucial to know how your podcast will live and breathe out there in social media land and the only way to do that is to decipher what works and what doesn’t work. Yep, that’s right – trial and error. While it... Read More

How Nonprofits Can Save More Money Right Now

If you’re running a nonprofit business or organization that requires international conference calls, you know how fast expenses can add up. It’s important to be conscious of additional costs without sacrificing quality. Being mindful of how much you’re spending all around is imperative to making smart and economical choices for your organization in the long run. That’s what’s great about being a nonprofit. Instead of focusing on generating revenue and profit, as suggested by the name, it’s all about the mission for a greater purpose. The whole point of a nonprofit company is to stray from a traditional business model and create a benchmark for success that applies to each individual nonprofit. Therefore, cutting costs to spend on things that... Read More

Conference Call Bad Habits That Need To Be Broken Right Now

When everyone comes together for a conference call meeting, you want to make sure to bring your A game. Representing your company in the best light and making a good first impression is what sets you apart from the rest, helping you to close a deal or make a killer pitch. While your presentation might be bang on, it’s the delivery that really counts. We’ve all got a colleague who could use a brush up on meeting etiquette. The one who decides to open a loud, crinkly bag of chips during a conference call. The one whose alarm goes off on their cellphone, minutes into the meeting. Here’s a crash course on what not to do next time your team... Read More

How To Target Your Audience And Sell Your Product With A Podcast

Audio is often left sitting out on the sidelines, warming the bench while other flashier media formats like TV or content videos get to be on the starting line up. Don’t be fooled. Audio should be included in your communications mix, more specifically podcasts, as an effective way to get your product heard and talked about. You have the ability to enter your audience’s home, commute, and personal daily routine (even while they’re brushing their teeth!) and speak directly to them. Using a distinct narrative style, selected music clips, and or a signature jingle, you invite listeners to imagine the idea being communicated. It’s a totally different way to engage with content that bridges the gap and establishes brand trust... Read More