The 5 Best Online Voice Recorders You Don’t Need a PhD To Understand

Let’s face it: there are a lot of online voice recorders out there. As an amateur podcast recorder, or someone who is looking to brush up on new technology, it can be difficult to find the right recorder for you. A quick Google search of the term “online voice recorder” receives about 85,000,000 hits, which isn’t exactly a helpful place to start. So instead, if you’re looking for a voice recorder to record podcasts so that you can upload them later, why not start here first? 5) Your Smartphone’s Voice Recorder Why go far, right? I’m sure we’ve all used our voice recorder from time to time, and I’ll admit it’s great in a pinch, but stock smartphone microphones don’t... Read More

Why Free Conference Call Apps Are An Ideal Way To Manage Millennials, The Next Workforce

Why Free Conference Call Apps Are Perfect For Managing Millennials Do you have any millennials in the workplace? Aside from the stereotypes of them being on their phone all the time, always complaining about baby boomers, and eating avocados on toast, you’ve probably found out by now that they actually are pretty different from their older counterparts. Buzzfeed article topics aside, most millennials have grown up as digital natives, meaning they consider their digital world their home. To put it a different way, if baby boomers are fluent in the language of computers, millennials are native speakers. Millennials might just be the first generation that considers a video call easier than an in-person conversation, which is why you should seriously... Read More

Are You Using The Right Words? Why An Online Meeting Beats An Email

The Problem With Text: Why An Online Meeting Is Better Than An Email Have you ever sent a text message to someone, only to have them misunderstand it? Whether you’re on a messaging app, sending an email, or just texting a friend or colleague, there is always a chance that your recipient will understand your message in a way that you didn’t intend. The modern way to get around this problem is to use emojis, but they still aren’t an option in the professional world. So what do you do when you need to share sensitive information with one or more people in a way that can’t possibly be misconstrued? Hold an online meeting. Conference Calls Create An Immediacy To... Read More

The Brief History of Podcast Recording: Then vs. Now

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s the early 2000s and people are all still getting over the fact that the Y2K bug didn’t reset all of the world’s computers (yes, people did actually believe this). A quick Google search will yield a few hits on the term ‘podcasting’, but it hasn’t really caught on yet. Walkman’s are going the way of the dinosaur and the first wave of trendy iPod commercials have just hit the airwaves in style.

How a Video Call Recorder​ Helps HR Professionals Hire Top Candidates

How Video Call Recording Can Be Used in Human Resources HR professionals are usually tasked with hiring and screening new employees, meaning they have to see a lot of people over the course of their careers. If you are an HR professional, you know that anything that can help you sort through the procession of people that you see on a weekly basis is a godsend. Well, this godsend is also called a video call recorder. Why is a Video Call Recording useful for HR? Even the best professionals forget things. When you use a conference call software with a video call recorder you have a recording for you and your team to reference later, making sure no information is... Read More

How an Online Conference Call Voice Recorder ​Makes Meetings Better

How an Online Voice Recorder Can Help Your Meetings Be More Productive What makes meetings unproductive? There are a myriad of reasons, but the one that we will be focusing on for this article is lack of accountability. Sure, agreeing to something is great, but if nothing gets done as a result, why bother meeting in the first place? When you have an online voice recorder, all of your meetings are recorded and distributed to all of your participants, meaning there are no excuses for letting jobs fall by the wayside.

How To Avoid Echo On Your Podcast Interview

Dealing with echo on a live podcast interview can be incredibly annoying. What’s worse, sometimes you may not have the time to troubleshoot the echo because you are busy with your podcast guest. Luckily for you, although echo can be an extremely annoying phenomenon, it is almost always an easy fix.

Build Trust With Customers By Branding Your Video Conferencing Software​

Sure, it’s great to be able to show off video conferencing software with your company’s own branding to your clients, but how much thought have you given to why it is better? Having a branded video conference software certainly looks nicer, and it is always good to show off your company’s brand colors, but there are many more subtle reasons why using a branded video conferencing software will be better for your business. What Branding Means To You As A Business The term branding technically refers to the brand name of a company, similar to a trademark. In the contemporary workplace, it has come to encompass much more than just a name, and is more like “the intangible sum of... Read More

Delegating to Remote Teams with Free Conference Calling

Efficiently Manage Remote Teams Across the Globe with Free Conference Calling If you’re a person that has to manage remote teams, you know that keeping people accountable and on-track isn’t always easy. Remote workers often won’t see your vision for how you want a project to look, especially if you are just connecting over email. What’s worse, telling your remote teams to make extra revisions will only cost you time and money. Instead, why not try free conference calling?

How To Host Your Podcast For Free

Podcast hosting isn’t the taboo word that it used to be. Thanks to TalkShoe, free podcast hosting is easier than it’s ever been, even if you have never created a podcast before If you’re someone that has always dreamed of having your own podcast, or if you’re just interested in dipping your toe in the podcasting world, you’ve come to the right place. Creating and hosting your podcast for free on TalkShoe’s directory is so easy that you could potentially do it in the time it takes to read this article.
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