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3 Tips For Hosting Successful Virtual Sales Meetings

Since the pandemic hit earlier in 2020, every industry has had to adapt to take on a more digital-centric approach to business. Moving forward, sales forces, no matter the product, have transformed into virtual sales forces by means of moving business online. Virtual meetings and presentations give salespeople the avenue to present and deliver their proposition in a virtual setting. Selling your product, pitching ideas, generating consumer awareness, sealing the deal, and building working relationships brick by brick – all of these aspects of the job have had to become virtual, reinventing how sales reps interact with clients and prospects. While even the most senior salespeople might struggle to sell in a virtual setting, there are still surefire methods and... Read More

Is Video Conferencing The Future?

In the corporate world, video conferencing has been popular for years, especially amongst remote workers, digital nomads, and large corporations. Industries such as IT and tech, human resources, designers, and more have relied on group communications as a way to stay connected. For a lot of people, however, video conferencing may not have been on the radar as much – until 2020 happened. With a pandemic that took hold of the world, video conferencing exploded to include and transform many industries and households. If your workplace was on the brink of upgrading their workflow with video conferencing solutions or have had to pull an emergency stop and completely make the virtual leap, it immediately became apparent that the way of... Read More

An interview about interviews with Mike Wilner

Blue Jays fans everywhere know the voice of Mike Wilner. For eighteen seasons he has brought the game and it’s stars to radios across Canada. Since starting his career in the late 80’s, he has been talking to, and about, athletes in every sport. From spring training in Dunedin, Florida to the Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia, from aspiring amateurs to legendary professionals, Mike Wilner has talked to them all. So we are very fortunate that he can join us for an interview about interviews. How do you prepare for an interview? Go with what you know. Really good question because often I don’t. Generally my preparation is based mostly on living the daily life of the baseball season.... Read More

Why Video Conferencing Is Important In Business

If you want your business to be on the cutting edge of innovation and growth, it’s an obvious requirement to be up to date with the latest technology. A healthy, thriving business – no matter the size – that has its sights set on expanding and globalizing, must see the potential of video conferencing as the accelerator to success. The favorable milestones and outcomes of your entrepreneurial journey start with the quality of your communication. What are you trying to convey through your messaging? How are you representing your brand, product, service, or offering? What kind of feedback are you receiving? If you want to bear witness to the interoperability, collaboration and streamlined communication video conferencing software brings into your... Read More

How Do I Make A Video Conference Call For Free?

These days, video conferencing solutions are aplenty. Everywhere you turn, there’s an option for work or play, colleagues or family, freelance, and games night! For every situation, there’s a free video course of action for you! Plus, with screen sharing and video chat on your mobile device in the palm of your hand, being reachable and reaching out couldn’t be done more efficiently. But just in case you’ve never done it before, here’s a brief intro about the best free video conferencing out there. What Do I Need To Make A Video Conference Call? First and foremost, you need to have the tools. Whether for business or pleasure, the proper hardware is required. If you’ve got a laptop, desktop, or... Read More

How To Collaborate Effectively With Home, Office And Field Workers

With 2020 off to a roaring start, it’s safe to say that by now, mid-year, your experience with video conferencing has ameliorated ten-fold. Your office has most likely converted to a more online, work-from-home approach, opening up the doors to online communication using video conferencing with clients, in team briefings, upper management conference calls, brainstorming sessions, status meetings… and the list goes on. What’s more is that as we continue to adapt to the changing times everyone currently faces, the workforce is becoming divided in how they are to physically (or virtually!) show up to work. Do you have colleagues who are working from home full-time? Does management put in 2 days a week at the office and then work... Read More

What Is The Safest Video Conferencing Platform?

With an influx of video conferencing solutions available online, it’s a wonder how we ever actually lived without them in the first place. How we stay in touch, drum up new clients, and exponentially grow a network and team is the convenient reality we live every day. Now more accessible and affordable than ever before, video conferencing software gives way for an incredible amount of business and operations to take place regardless of location, distance or time. Plus, it’s easy. Wires, cords and a complicated set up isn’t part of the package these days! Video conferencing services provide a communication platform that dramatically enhances how you’re able to connect with others. Whether you run a mom and pop shop, are... Read More

An interview about interviews with Tarzan Dan

If you are Canadian and own a radio then you’ve heard the voice of Tarzan Dan. He’s worked at the biggest stations in the country, winning numerous awards including announcer of the year multiple times. Plus, you can mix in six years as the host of the very influential show The Hit List on Ytv. To sum it up, if you have a favorite musician the odds are that they have been interviewed by Tarzan Dan. So we are very pleased to have him join us for an interview about interviews. How do you prepare for an interview? Leaving them asking, How? I actually will go back to what I’ve learned watching Larry King, he said “always find something that... Read More

What does effective collaboration look like?

Effective collaboration can take many forms but the one key indicator that leads to results is a shared goal. When everyone knows what they are working for, with a clear vision in mind of what the final product should achieve, everything else can fall into place. The end of the team effort, the destination, will set the groundwork for the journey and how to get there. Sure, that sounds simple enough, however, it’s the “getting there” that requires a few moving parts, like mutual respect, building trust, and great collaboration tools. Thankfully, there are some tried and true methods and boxes to tick that will shape how you and your team get from point a to point b. Let’s get... Read More

The Difference Between Screen Sharing And Document Sharing

With a more digital-centric approach to how business is conducted, it’s not surprising that communication software is integrating better visual solutions. Not only are customer relationships deepened, but so too is employee engagement, participation, and collaboration when you can show what you mean instead of just saying it. Let’s not forget how much nuance and meaning is lost when communicating via messaging. Long-winded instructions, email threads, and text chat are excellent forms of communication for certain tasks, but when it comes to a presentation or making a fantastic first impression, there are other ways to up the ante. That’s where screen sharing and document sharing come in. These two key features add dimension to your online meeting and interaction by... Read More
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