Get The Most Out Of Your Meetings With The Record Button

Ever since the record button was invented, people have taken quite a liking to recording pretty much everything. The ability to ‘record’ has humble beginnings, like an audio cassette player that could record songs off the radio if you were quick enough to hit the button before your song came on. Or a videocassette recorder that could record and playback video cassettes from the camcorder used earlier that day to record a family barbecue or recital. It’s terribly old lingo nowadays, isn’t it? Fast forward to today where 300 hours of recorded content is being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Smartphones and laptops have arguably become an extension of the human body, as it seems that almost every individual with... Read More

How Remote Work is Creating a Happier, Healthier Society

In the not so distant past, going into the office everyday was just part of the job. While telecommuting was the norm for some fields (mostly IT), others are now just implementing the infrastructure to facilitate remote working capabilities. With adequate 2-way technology that comes with high quality audio and video, and other features that ensure smooth communication, many industries are following suit, like sales and admin, customer service, teaching and training, marketing, writing, creative services and more. Even hybrid solutions (flex time, remote and office hours, etc.) are cropping up in other fields. There’s a reason for this upward trend, and it’s showing signs of heightened productivity, focus and output – to name a few! Cities are growing larger... Read More

Communications Software Should Be A Full-Service Solution – Here’s Why

Modern communication that includes online meetings requires a solution that encompasses exceptional features and benefits. With such elaborate working schedules, multi-layered projects and tiered chains of command, keeping the work flow seamless demands so much more to empower a meeting. Besides, a ‘meeting’ nowadays isn’t what it used to be. First of all, now they’re ‘online’ meetings. Secondly, they’re not as straightforward as gathering all the stakeholders for lunch, or simply briefing the department about the changing infrastructure. A sync goes beyond showing up to the table. Instead, it can involve maintaining the integrity of your business. These days, online meetings are made up of teams that comprise top talent from different parts of the world, working on mega projects... Read More

Searching For The Best Collaborative Software? Here Are The Top 6

The growth and health of your business depends on how you send and receive a message. The exchange of ideas can’t transpire without software that nurtures the back and forth, and overall progression of a project. Whether at the beginning of a venture, midway through a project or around the corner from celebrating a new client or accolade, the lines of communication need to be streamlined. Using software that gives you the convenience and ease of collaborating remotely makes doing your job easier, and gets you and your team the results you’re looking for. How? Remote desktop and screen-sharing software facilitates an easy, convenient and interactive way to touch base with participants from anywhere. This game changing software allows you... Read More

Nail Your Next Remote Sales Presentation With 4 Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

When was the last time you had someone show up on your doorstep selling something? Probably not in a long time! . Of course, old habits die hard. Door-to-door selling and cold calling may never actually disappear, but one thing is for certain; it’s definitely dying out. With a booming remote workforce popping up around the globe, every industry is going digital. Technology is dictating how businesses do work as well as the way employees are put to work, sales included. Sales people are now relying on video conferencing and conference calls to conduct the majority of their meetings with existing and potential clients. The landscape has drastically changed for sales with much more of a focus on virtual meeting... Read More

To Download Or Not To Download? That Is The Question!

It’s 2019, and let’s face it. We’re pretty used to everything being instant. If a new browser tab doesn’t open in 3 seconds, we’re double clicking, refreshing or opening up a new tab in the meantime. If we’re downloading an app on our smart phone, and the spinning wheel of death just doesn’t want to stop spinning, we’re already hitting the factory reset. If our emails aren’t coming through within moments, we’re automatically ransacking our settings, scouring our junk mail and cursing. Does this paint a picture of modern times or what? We’re used to technology unfolding at the speed of light. In fact, we expect it! From car rides to overseas delivery to “message sent”, the faster our stuff... Read More

Host Training and Tutorials Online Using Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

Empower employees with the know-how they need to excel in their role by using video conferencing. If you are looking to equip your team with new content in their current position; If an employee is looking to level up their skillset; If a new hire needs to be brought up to speed with the workflow of the office, information and learning needs to happen quickly, affordably and efficiently. The fast track to expediting knowledge at lightning speed is by hosting training and tutorials online – right here, right now. With superior features like video and screen sharing, virtually transmitting skills means trainees can exchange knowledge and experiences that motivates and builds strength while also being enjoyable. Online training sessions provide... Read More

Let Screen Sharing Do The Showing Instead Of Telling During Your Next Online Meeting

If video conferencing has taught us anything, it’s that transmitting information has the potential to be far more engaging, collaborative and convenient. Anything you can write in an email can also be seamlessly conveyed in a quick one-on-one sync or a pre-planned online meeting with hundreds of participants. Online meetings can be held anytime, anywhere, thanks to video conferencing that has become such a cornerstone in how we communicate in business. The old adage, “a picture says a thousand words,” couldn’t ring any more true, and with high quality audio and visual capabilities, a video (and all its features) probably says a few hundred thousand more! If you prefer showing something rather than explaining it, you probably prefer seeing it... Read More

Top 5 Headsets Designed To Enhance The Audio Quality Of Online Meetings

When engaged in an online meeting, the quality of sound is of utmost importance. Not only is it annoying when you can’t hear what someone is saying, it’s equally as uninspiring when the audio tunes in and out; sounds like it’s underwater; is fuzzy or just plain incoherent. There is nothing worse than scratchy feedback on your laptop’s speakers. Poor audio quality during a conference call or video conference negatively affects the call’s sole purpose – to be able to effectively communicate with your team or clients, in a way that gets work done productively, with minimal disruption and with ease. Save yourself the headache of picking up distracting background noise or your neighbour’s crackling bag of chips when you’ve... Read More

Is Your Business On The Brink Of Expansion? Consider Upgrading to Callbridge

It wasn’t very long ago that the idea of video conferencing seemed like a pipe dream. It was a luxury deemed far too expensive for anyone to conceive of having unless you were a big name company or enterprise. Nowadays, things couldn’t be more different! With the advent of the internet and all of the technological developments that have snowballed and exponentially multiplied across various industries because of it, video conferencing solutions are a driving force behind every size of business! It’s a dream come true! Large or small, video conferencing is the go-to for plenty of businesses including mom and pop shops, boutique agencies, freelancers, consulting firms and more. Not only does management want to incorporate video conferencing into... Read More
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