How Video Conferencing Can Improve Work Flow Between Government Offices

When all departments and agencies are working in tandem as a unified front, that’s when a fully functioning government body is truly the sum of its parts. But how do all the parts harmoniously exchange ideas on a regular basis or stay abreast of emergency situations and sudden changes to policy? Traditional modes of documentation and communication will surely never fully go out of style, but as video conferencing becomes the preferred mode of communication, piles of paperwork and analog files are slowly getting replaced. Consider the following benefits of video conferencing for government agencies: 10. Better Quality Of Life Connecting with teams and coworkers across departments and other sectors requires travel time and being present. Or does it? With... Read More

Custom Hold Messaging: A Golden Window Of Opportunity

In its most basic terms, a custom hold music feature takes the waiting out of being on hold. It’s a small, considerate gesture that yields a big impact. For those few moments in between picking up a call or getting an online meeting started, your audience is held captive. You have their full attention, it’s best to use it to your advantage! Afterall, nobody likes to be on hold. It often feels confusing, like you’re stuck in communication limbo unsure of the next step. Will someone pick up? Did the call go through? Are you actually in the right spot for the online meeting to take place? That’s why hold music proves to be valuable. It’s a cue that signifies... Read More

Grab Participants’ Attention With Custom Hold Music: The Must-Have Conference Calling Feature

Let’s face it. It’s routine for any schedule to be packed with a myriad of business meet-ups like briefings, tissue sessions, online meetings, in-person meetings, production calls, catch-ups, stand-ups… the list goes on. It’s how good teamwork effectively gets done on time. But when there’s such a surplus of information and data for our brains to process, it’s truly no wonder the modern person’s attention span has significantly dwindled and been divided. People’s time is precious, and they don’t want to feel like they’re waiting around wasting it. As a result, it’s critical to catch your audience’s attention whether you’re selling, or discussing something, and make them feel like their attention and time are well spent. Here’s a little secret.... Read More

Here’s How To Set Up An Engaging “Green Screen” For Your Next Online Meeting

The benefits of using a green screen for video conferencing, online meetings and creating video content are plenty. As outlined in Part 1, you have complete creative control over the look and feel of your message, brand and output. Imagine having access to endless scenic backgrounds without having to shell out lots of money or step foot out of your office or home? Consider how a clean and polished looking background positions your brand front row and center and gives life to your message, making you extra memorable. And how about a green screen as the secret weapon to making your video content stand out amongst the competition? These are only a few reasons how a green screen can positively... Read More

How To Effectively Conduct Parent-Teacher Conferences Using Video Conferencing

It’s normal for parents to be concerned about the quality of education their kids are receiving. With video conferencing technology, parents can get a better understanding of what’s going on in the classroom by having a more forward-facing relationship with teachers via video chat. It’s this parent-teacher connection that empowers parents to nurture their children’s learning while also enforcing a direct line of communication with the teachers, coaches, and counselors who impact their education. It wasn’t very long ago when parents had to fight through traffic and commute to the school on a weekday evening for a parent-teacher interview. Or if a child was called down to the office for bad behavior or for questioning regarding a dispute, parents had... Read More

Want To Leave A Lasting Impression? Use A “Green Screen” During Your Next Online Meeting

When we hear the words “green screen,” it’s not typically followed by the notion of video conferencing. It immediately takes you back to a B-list horror movie that got lost in the 80s rather than a professional online meeting solution. Spoiler alert… It has now become the latter, not the former! So How Exactly Is A “Green Screen” Used In An Online Meeting? First of all, jazzing up your online meeting is a pretty impressive and visually engaging way to communicate with your team. It gives you the illusion of being in another space, meanwhile, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of the one you’re already in! Once your online meeting is set up and running, participants have... Read More
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