How to Increase Collaboration Between Teams

Power in numbers is the game. Just like the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” when we pool our experience and skills in business, collaboration becomes exponentially more powerful. But what if we want to go fast and far? How do we build a workplace culture that fosters collaborative behavior for effective teamwork that gets things done? Increasing collaboration between workers and departments starts with team communication that brings people toward the same end goal. When we talk about teamwork it’s more than just dealing with the task at hand, it’s about: Supporting each other Communicating effectively Pulling your weight When everyone has a clearly defined role,... Read More

10 Video Marketing Tips For Coaches To Attract More Clients

We live in a world where we’d rather see it to believe it. “Showing” instead of “telling” is faster, more effective, and digestible in a visually overstimulated, and competitive digital landscape. Just think of the number of memes, and social media posts you encounter on a daily basis or the onslaught of content, including videos, and articles that appear on multiple news feeds across multiple platforms! Coaches, consider how much this affects you and the ways in which you are representing yourself, your product, and your brand online. The ability to both produce a video and view a video-on-demand literally from the palm of your hand means everyone has the power to be a creator. This is both a blessing... Read More

What Can I Use Free Web Conferencing For?

The use of web conferencing across a variety of industries has propelled the growth and scalability of how work gets done. With a free trial, anyone can try the platform to see how it integrates with your business. From anywhere in the world, teams can connect and collaborate together. But, what if you could get web conferencing tools for free? What if a communication solution that connects people socially or professionally came with nothing to lose and everything to gain? For starters, free web conferencing can be part of your communication strategy to enhance the livelihood of any industry. You can reach many participants or only a few with audio/video meetings that empower your message by hosting live meetings, one... Read More

How To Leverage Social Media To Push Your Branded Podcast

Ask Yourself, Am I Incorporating All The Right Strategies? Maybe your company just started a branded podcast, or has been producing one for a while. Whichever the case, a common thing we hear at Talkshoe is that people aren’t familiar with how to effectively promote their podcast on social media. You feel that the content is interesting, and relevant for your brand’s audience, but are still unsure of how to execute the promotional aspect. As a long running podcasting platform we’ve seen many success stories. The good news is that it may only take some minor tinkering to your social media strategy for you to see those numbers greatly improve. Let us help you out. Promotion, Promotion, and More Promotion…Did... Read More

Attract, Hire And Retain Top Employees With Video Conferencing Interviews And More

The way in which work gets done is on the precipice of change across offices and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world. As we shift more towards the direction of working from home, human resources is one of the first departments to have a critical role in how that pans out. Now, within the evolving landscape of world health and global business, more people are being encouraged to work from home as physical offices, and workspaces are on the brink of obsoletion. This new model of working, whether that is more of a remote routine or still at the office but with staggered schedules, part-time office hours, etc., the benefits of video conferencing are more obvious than... Read More

What Do I Need for Web Conferencing?

When it comes to web conferencing software, there are plenty of options available that offer many communication solutions whether for work or play. To help cut through the clutter, here’s exactly what will come in handy in terms of hardware and software to have an effective web conference. For starters, you will want to find a web conferencing solution that’s easy to navigate, effective in terms of offerings that are collaborative, and productive, and caters to the unique requirements of your communication needs both professionally and personally. Let’s drill this down a little more. Essential Need #1 – Device Your device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone is the viewing screen from which you connect to a two-way communication... Read More

Our experience so far with COVID-19

How has your organisation reacted to the COVID-19 crisis? Fortunately our team at iotum has performed well and adapted quickly to life under pandemic. Now we are facing a new chapter as governments talk about re-opening, and many grapple with a ‘new normal’ that evolves by the day. Iotum’s primary office is based in central Canada in Toronto. Our province – Ontario – is implementing a phased approach to opening the economy after the COVID quarantine. Phase One, a limited re-opening of businesses and services, commenced on 19th May 2020. This phase is not designed to return society to the practices and mode of operation that preceded the COVID crisis. It is designed to slowly restart the economy, restore employment,... Read More

How Video Conferencing Makes Auditions And Casting Run More Smoothly

Every project starts with a creative vision. A seed of an idea that when planted and watered grows into a thriving, living, and breathing piece of work that expresses your viewpoint to the world. Especially for projects captured on-screen, planning from concept to camera requires an incredible amount of “nurturing” and work behind the screen. There are so many moving parts involved when it comes to making a vision come to fruition that without the proper infrastructure set it in place, your idea could always remain just that – an idea. Give your idea legs and bring it to life with communication that lifts your production off the ground starting with expertly curated casting calls and auditions. Through photography, interviews,... Read More

Web Conferencing 101: What It Is And How It Works

Whether for work or for play, you might be finding yourself connecting to people via your device more and more these days! Maybe you’re using video conferencing to keep in touch with friends and family, or you’re watching another great webinar put out by one of your favorite influencers. These are just two of the many ways in which web conferencing and web conferencing tools shape how we learn, communicate, and remain present in an online landscape. If you’ve got a device, an internet connection, and the free web conferencing software that comes loaded with all the bells and whistles for a fully integrated experience, you are well on your way to exploring this exciting digital platform! Still not fully... Read More

How to Have a Good Conference Call

An in-person meeting has traditionally been the most effective, and reliable way to convene but with workforces growing and stretching across the globe, conference calls are more important than ever. If you’re a large group or small to midsize business, your unique needs require clear and concise communication. Think of a conference call as a virtual conference table where everyone is available to participate in the conversation no matter where they are. Conference calls facilitate group collaboration and are a perfect alternative to meeting in person, saving you commuting time, travel costs and accommodation.
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