How To Amp Up Your Blog By Starting A Podcast

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet, each with their own unique voice telling a different story. From mommy to fashion blogs, and every other blog in between about pretty much any topic you can conjure up (gaming, lifestyle, music, etc), if you can think of something to write about, you can find someone to read about it – and now hear about it. Once you’ve found your niche and audience, establishing a blog can become a serious business. And just like any serious business, the more demand you create, the more you have to supply. These days, if you really want to up the ante on your online business or blog, creating a podcast is the... Read More

Flex Working: Why Should It Be Part Of Your Business Strategy?

The concept of a “work-life balance” has been buzzing around for years and now, it’s evolved to include more of an “integrated” approach that is being reinforced and instilled in modern workplaces in big cities around the world. A business that provides its employees with a harmonization between working and living positions organizations as forward-thinking and mindful with thoughtful attention to the mental bandwidth and retention of its people. To acquire this integrated lifestyle, the philosophy of flexibility is applied. Flex working offers employees options to work that are still productive but more customized. Rather than the 9 to 5 model we’ve all grown accustomed to, flex working offers a different construct. What was once an employee perk is now... Read More

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needed A Podcast 5 Minutes Ago

What’s stopping your business from starting a podcast? You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have an audience.” Not to worry. This is where you build listenership by appealing to a small but mighty core audience which will eventually give way to a larger one that naturally stays targeted. What’s more, it doesn’t take up much space or cost very much to start. If you have a desk then you have the space for the microphone, computer and podcasting software (Garageband already comes on a Mac!) that are required to get recording! The last thing you need is a good topic to discuss. Once you’ve checked these boxes, it’s time to put words into action and get recording. Here’s why your business... Read More

5 Benefits To Taking Your Coaching Business Online

For any coaching business, your success is built on a one-on-one connection. This is why free online calling technology that includes video calls has been instrumental in the way in which coaches are able to conduct their services. Second to being in person, anyone from anywhere can have a face-to-face interaction with real-time conferencing, giving coaches the tools they need to be able to connect with their clients virtually. In person, coaching gives you a sense of what your clients are saying even if they’re not really saying it. Nonverbal communication is critical in a coaching session and reveals a deeper understanding for a coach to gain insight – but since it’s not always possible to set up an in-person... Read More

Why A Huddle Room Should Be In Your Office Right Now

We’ve heard of hot desking, colleagues bringing in puppies (sometimes even the occasional iguana), but what do you know about a huddle room and how can they benefit your business? It draws from the same logic as a football huddle when the coach gathers the team in a tight circle to share words of wisdom, to strategize, to inspire or share new found sensitive information about the other team (it’s a pretty important part of the game, don’t you think?). And it’s important for business. A huddle room is typically a secluded workspace located off the beaten track of the office to accommodate a handful of colleagues (4-6). The space is decked out with all the accouterments of a conference... Read More

Your Podcast’s RSS Feed – What The Heck Is It?

If you’ve got a podcast or you’re thinking about starting one, guaranteed you’ve heard whispers of the term RSS feed and you’ve seen the symbol on various web pages or Facebook posts (it looks like the wifi symbol fell over on its side and it’s now radiating the arcs on an angle rather than just up). You probably even know that RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (also referred to as Really Simple Syndication) and you may even know that plenty of news sites, weblogs, Twitter feeds, podcasts and online publishers use an RSS feed to syndicate and get their content read or heard. But there’s lots more to how an RSS feed works, what it is, why you need... Read More

Make Your Sermons Even More Uplifting With Video Conferencing

Uplift Your Sermons By Going Digital With free video conferencing capabilities available for businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and charities, it’s an impactful decision for churches to jump on the technological bandwagon too. If you haven’t implemented the advantages of video conferencing, this is your chance to get a closer look at how it can make a Sunday service more dynamic. If you want to stay relevant, interesting and engaging, video conferencing with free screen sharing, might be exactly what you need to increase participation, amp up sermons and reach more people. Considering all the effort that goes into putting a sermon together, going digital could be the very thing that drives the message home and reaches beyond the people sitting in... Read More

10 Things That Make Your Company Irresistible When Attracting Top Talent

When attracting (the right) talent, it‘s important to consider what it is that you have to offer. Remember, top employees have high expectations, so what is it that makes your company different and desirable? Workplaces need to flaunt their character and corporate culture because top talent isn’t just looking for a job, they want something more fulfilling. Here’s a checklist of things every desirable workplace should feature if they want to bring in ambitious employees: 10. Showcase Benefits And Culture Thriving workplace culture is very appealing and if it comes with perks like working remotely via telecommunication, then that’s a huge plus. Other cherries on top include a later start time, paid parental leave, on-site catering and extended vacation. The... Read More

FreeConference Best Features Series: Free Screen Sharing

Do you prefer showing something rather than explaining it? If so, then the free screen sharing feature by is a perfect feature for you. It’s free and easy to access and it will add an additional dimension to your online meetings that regular phone conferences can’t offer. What is Screen Sharing? Screen sharing allows other callers to view what you are seeing on the screen of your device. Screen sharing is ideal for demos, presentations and collaborations, especially if other callers are remote. You can also switch between who is presenting their screen on at any time. Share your screen for free with up to 5 people at a time, for more participants check out our paid plans.... Read More

How Telemedicine Video Conferencing Impacts Patient Care And Your Healthcare Business

How Telemedicine Video Conferencing Is Positively Impacting Healthcare The ability to diagnose and treat patients remotely via telecommunications has been instrumental in the way immediate and accurate healthcare is provided to those in need. The fact that medicinal assistance is now delivered at the speed of technology means healthcare providers require the technology they and their patients can rely on. Video conferencing offers many possibilities, affording everyone involved the advantage of using two-way video and wireless communication to share information and conduct appointments efficiently. For example, there are solutions for concussion monitoring and programs for more effective patient diagnoses using video conferencing – and this is only the beginning. Here are just a few of the ways implementing telemedicine can... Read More
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