How Video Conferencing Makes Auditions And Casting Run More Smoothly

Every project starts with a creative vision. A seed of an idea that when planted and watered grows into a thriving, living, and breathing piece of work that expresses your viewpoint to the world. Especially for projects captured on-screen, planning from concept to camera requires an incredible amount of “nurturing” and work behind the screen. There are so many moving parts involved when it comes to making a vision come to fruition that without the proper infrastructure set it in place, your idea could always remain just that – an idea. Give your idea legs and bring it to life with communication that lifts your production off the ground starting with expertly curated casting calls and auditions. Through photography, interviews,... Read More

Web Conferencing 101: What It Is And How It Works

Whether for work or for play, you might be finding yourself connecting to people via your device more and more these days! Maybe you’re using video conferencing to keep in touch with friends and family, or you’re watching another great webinar put out by one of your favorite influencers. These are just two of the many ways in which web conferencing and web conferencing tools shape how we learn, communicate, and remain present in an online landscape. If you’ve got a device, an internet connection, and the free web conferencing software that comes loaded with all the bells and whistles for a fully integrated experience, you are well on your way to exploring this exciting digital platform! Still not fully... Read More

How to Have a Good Conference Call

An in-person meeting has traditionally been the most effective, and reliable way to convene but with workforces growing and stretching across the globe, conference calls are more important than ever. If you’re a large group or small to midsize business, your unique needs require clear and concise communication. Think of a conference call as a virtual conference table where everyone is available to participate in the conversation no matter where they are. Conference calls facilitate group collaboration and are a perfect alternative to meeting in person, saving you commuting time, travel costs and accommodation.

6 Questions Lawyers Need To Ask Before Investing In Video Conferencing

If you’re a lawyer or work in the legal industry, there’s no underestimating the power of succinct communication. Whether between colleagues or managing client-lawyer relationships; discussing solutions or managing conflicts – the way in which you quite literally present your side of the story can be the difference between success and failure. Setting the tone starts with sending and receiving messages that are crystal clear. Not long ago, law firms relied heavily on conference calls as the preferred mode of communication. However, as video conferencing presents more benefits that lead to better productivity, increased cost savings, employee happiness and safety, and better client retention, firms are relying on two-way communication technology to engage business. The benefits of video conferencing are... Read More

What is the best free conference call service?

Taking care of a growing small business means your communication has to be delivered smoothly and come through loud and clear. If you’ve got international callers, you’ve got time zones, call quality, and conference call telephone numbers to take into consideration! Plus, you want to be polished and professional while keeping costs low. So you need conferencing software that opens up the lines of communication to keep customers in the loop, employees connected and clients interested in your offering! Whatever you’re providing, whether that’s reaching out to your community or providing tutorials and webinars for students or workers looking to upgrade their skill set, there’s a solution for you! But with so many free conference call services available, all offering... Read More

How Video Conferencing Reduces Time To Market For Your Next Product

The success of your manufacturing company is driven by the force of innovation that propels it. Building the framework that supports the vision, planning, procurement, and execution is where a good chunk of resources are allocated in order to make the abstract concrete. But what good is it if the time it takes for your product to reach the market takes too long? This is where manufacturing companies can truly optimize their Time to Market (TTM) by means of strategic and streamlined communication. Decisions can be made more quickly. Ideas can unfold into designs more accurately. Prototypes can become products with more precision. This blog post will discuss ideas and insights about improving your TTM as well as the two... Read More

How Important Security Is For Your Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings

Now more than ever virtual meeting software has become a must-have for every household. Whether as a lifeline to the outside world for business or personal use, people everywhere are depending on two-way communication technology to connect. Educators are relying on conference calls and virtual meetings to align with the admin about evolving curriculums to create lessons and learning plans for students. Medical practitioners are using online meeting services to provide immediate support and diagnostics. Families are counting on secure video conferences to stay in touch with loved ones near and far.

Callbridge: The Zoom-Alternative

In the wake of COVID-19 quickly making its way around the world, the use of web conferencing software is gaining in necessity as a way to “flatten the curve.” At this very moment, the mass public is heavily relying upon and trusting technology as the one and only lifeline to the outside world. Arguably, Zoom has been considered the conferencing trailblazer and go-to platform for any and all two-way communication. But with the rise of a surging pandemic combined with strict social distancing laws, is a communication platform that has come under fire in the past and recent present, prepared for an influx of users? It begs the question: Is Zoom the best choice for your conferencing needs? What precautions... Read More
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