How An Online Whiteboard Effectively Helps With Time Management For Educators

For educators who shape the minds of students time is a limited resource. Digital classrooms have helped to create better work/life integration (for both students and teachers) but time is of the essence, no less, and let’s face it; whether you’re in an online classroom or using video conferencing as a tool in a real classroom, schedules are jam packed with classes to plan, curriculums to unfold and a syllabus to adhere to. It’s not uncommon for teachers to feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that need to get done, let alone the infinity of marking that comes with the job. Educators have the power to instill knowledge and inspire students, but even in their prestigious role, they too... Read More

Bridge The Distance Between Remote Workers With These Golden Rules For Engaging Calls

Remote meetings have become an essential part of how work gets done across the globe. Even if you are living in a big city, it helps bridge the gap if you’re located in one part of town and your office is in the other. Conference calls and video conferencing make it seem like there’s literally no distance between sender and receiver, changing the way in which we communicate. It’s truly amazing that we live in an era where we can keep offices in Singapore, London, New York and stay-at-home moms living in the suburbs – all on the same page working together. So now that your company has onboarded top talent and you’ve established an effective meeting rhythm, there’s the... Read More

FreeConference Best Features Series: Moderator Controls

If you take away one thing from this article, it’s that moderator controls make your conference better. Taking control of your conference call can remove echoes and audio feedback, as well as leaving the best impression on your important communication session. Watch this funny video to see why moderator controls are important! What Exactly Are Moderator Controls? You can find all of your moderator controls if you go to the “Conference Details” section of your account, but for reference here are all of the controls available on FreeConference: Available to all callers: *2 Raise or lower your handBy raising your hand, you get your moderator’s attention, they are notified that a hand is raised. You can dial *2 again to... Read More

6 Psychological Tricks That’ll Win People Over In Your Next Online Meeting

When it comes to first impressions, the way you come across (your “packaging”) is everything. Humans naturally “thin slice” (a psychological methodology that involves observing an interaction and drawing narrow and immediate conclusions based on what is perceived) as a way to make sense of the unknown. We instinctively pick up on cues that generate a profile in our minds for us to better understand what we’re looking at whether that be a person, place or thing. Here’s the best part; it’s done on a subconscious level, so sometimes we don’t even know we do it. But once you know how it works, you can learn how to work with it. It’s understanding how to pick up on and use... Read More

Want To Take Your Coaching Business Online? Here’s How One Solopreneur Is Doing It

How many times have you been at your desk; longingly looking out the window, imagining swaying palm trees against blue skies as the backdrop to your everyday instead of four white walls? What if you could carry your office with you, and set up shop wherever your heart desires that day running your tasks, creating content and managing clients? Now more than ever, it’s possible. Audio and video calls via conferencing technology gives you the power to run your online business seamlessly, allowing anyone to live that work/life integration lifestyle. Are you looking for some inspiration to take the next step towards your dreams? Kiki Ura is a Toronto-based spiritual business coach who helps entrepreneurial women scale their business and... Read More

4 Online Collaboration Features That’ll Make Your Next Meeting More Dynamic

Every entrepreneur knows that when you’re setting up your business, you are working full time. Putting in days and nights is part of the process, and while it’s a labour of love, it’s demanding. There are many meetings to be had with stakeholders, partners, vendors, suppliers – the list goes on. There’s no shortage of people to connect with and hands to shake but as the face of a burgeoning business, even with a partner, you’re only one person who can be in one place at one time. Enter video and conference calling online collaboration tools that are designed to make syncs more multi-dimensional. The following features are perfect for entrepreneurs on the go and they add energy and depth... Read More

5 Effective Business Communication Techniques To Start Implementing Now

Without crystal clear effective communication – the most vital tool for any and every business owner – the success of your company is compromised. Properly articulating your point or negotiating can be the difference between shaking hands on a deal or walking away from a lost opportunity! Everywhere you turn there is potential for new business so if you can’t breakdown company policies to customers, answer on-the-spot questions from clients or simplify procedures to employees, you might have to reevaluate the way in which you send and receive messages, literally and figuratively. For one, conference calls and video conferencing offer a fast, convenient, and reliable method to relay your message anytime from anywhere. Secondly, it’s a platform to express your... Read More

Why Video Conferencing Software Should Be GDPR Compliant Even If You Don’t Have Clients In Europe

The two words that that stick to everyone’s top of mind awareness in regards to cybersecurity is without a doubt – data privacy. It’s a reality that the way in which we do international business or even run mundane errands like buy groceries or do our banking online, all require the transfer of sensitive information across a vast Internet. And when in a discussion about video conferencing, the conversation about data privacy becomes amplified. With so much data shared during a session, video conferencing software has to have the necessary security features in place in order to protect both the company’s and client’s details. The moment a company has a security risk that puts its customer’s data in jeopardy or... Read More

Classrooms Are Going Digital With This 1 Tool That Enhances Learning

Just like technology has taken precedence in our everyday lives, it’s also become a huge part of the classroom. The way in which students learn is far more engaging and hands-on than it was only years ago as more schools are ‘going digital.’ These fully integrated lessons supported by technology (rather than just using it as an aid) are creating a more dynamic environment for students to absorb course material. Perhaps one of the reasons adding technology to the classroom has been so beneficial is that students feel they are being spoken to and taught on their level in a digital language they can grasp. There are plenty of ways tech is revolutionizing the classroom, and the online whiteboard is... Read More

2 Cybersecurity Features Every Remote Worker Needs For Virtual Meetings

If you’re part of a geographically distributed team or even an employee who occasionally works from home, surely you’re no stranger to virtual meetings. With 2.9% of the American workforce (that’s 3.9 million people) working remotely, flexible working situations are skyrocketing. From catch-ups to follow-ups, to tissue sessions and more, convening online with team members typically occurs with video conferencing when you’re working remotely. A laptop, smartphone, software – these tools create an on-the-go office, following you wherever you may roam. The reality is, however, because you aren’t working on-site (even if you only infrequently take your work home with you), you’re more susceptible to security risks. Relying on your own Wi-Fi networks and personal devices to access company data... Read More
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