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How To Shift Remote Work Culture Online Without Destroying It

As we approach the end of the year, the feeling of living and working in a science experiment is all too real. Between staggered hours at the office, video conferencing with colleagues in their pajamas, interviewing for a job at the kitchen table – everyone has had to make a drastic change or two in order to bend with the changing landscape of bringing the office home. Educational institutions too. Law firms, healthcare, banking – the list goes on. The working-from-home and telepresence phenomena no doubt has molded – and is in the process of continuing to reshape – the workforce. As a result, our attitudes and habits are changing regularly based on the ebb and flow of the advantages... Read More

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

Sometimes technology can feel like magic, especially when it comes to the rising demand of video conferencing. One minute you’re at home, sitting at your desk in front of a blank screen, and the next, you’re transported somewhere else where you’re talking to friends in another city or family overseas. Maybe you’re connecting with clients, or sitting in an online classroom! Video conferencing has the ability to take you places without you having to leave your bubble – wherever that may be! While it might seem like something magical, video conferencing is anything but smoke and mirrors and the features and benefits are only increasing in scalability and size. The opportunities for business, finance, healthcare, education, and staying in touch... Read More

Is Video Conferencing Effective?

Why does anyone have a meeting in the first place? Are you relaying important information to employees? Hosting an online class? Sharing news and metrics or winning over new clients? In whatever capacity you meet, you can drive results, improve communication, and gain people’s trust by using video conferencing to enhance how you send and receive messages. Let’s unpack things a little more. What Are The Benefits Of Using Video Conferencing? Once a high-tech luxury, free video conferencing is now the norm. Anyone can instantly connect anywhere to conduct high-quality online meetings that lockdown business deals, teach students, brainstorm ideas and so much more. But just because the whole world is using it, should you? Is it that effective? Here... Read More

What Is the Minimum Speed Required for Video Conferencing?

Getting any job done right requires the right tools of the trade including the best free video conferencing! If you work remotely (or work in an office), for example, there are a few things you can’t live without (besides coffee) like a computer or mobile device. Maybe you prefer working from a desk or with a mouse for interacting on your computer more easily. A desk chair, headphones, perhaps a microphone – all tangible tools that drive productivity. But what about the intangible things, the other items that streamline and enforce how work gets done? Things like free video conferencing and a solid internet connection? To get good work done, you need both hardware and software. Let’s take a closer... Read More

9 Best Work-From-Home Apps For Teams And Individuals

By relying on fast and effective technology with productivity at the core of their focus, companies far and wide are charging up the way business is done. Empowering the flow of remote work is a video-centric communication strategy that includes apps. With the right blend of video conferencing and integrations that make working from home feel like you’re still working in an office, both teams and individuals can achieve goals, develop business and carry on working from home as a united front. Here are 9 apps designed to keep you on track: 9. Camo – For putting your best face forward on video calls What is it? Camo lets you access the high-powered camera in your iPhone or iPad instead... Read More

How Franchisors Can Successfully Host Discovery Days Online For Franchisees

In the not so distant past, franchisor discovery days were commonly held in person, especially in the service and hospitality industries. Facility tours, meet and greets and more were all done face-to-face and sealed with a handshake. Nowadays, franchisors have had to become more creative and franchisees, more flexible. By way of video conferencing, both parties can get what they want with a safe and informative virtual discovery day that creates connections. The purpose of a discovery day can be further broken down into 4 key points: Candidates are given the opportunity to see and learn firsthand about the franchise. Franchisors can get a better sense of the candidate’s level of commitment (showing up) and by getting to know them... Read More

How Colleges Can Expand Reach With Video Conferencing

In and out of the classroom, video conferencing has the capability to enhance a student’s academic experience. Not only does video conferencing for college students enrich their experience with a more digital-centric approach, but it can also work to give them more well-rounded education that’s geographically independent. Plus, video conferencing for colleges has its perks for other parts of the higher education process like student enrollment, further counseling with campus counselors or TAs, enhanced studying with groups, etc. What’s even better is that there are free video conferencing options available, which means both students and educational institutions can save money without sacrificing learning. Let’s get a closer look How does video conferencing enhance student life? Video conferencing for colleges online... Read More

12 Ways To Host More Effective Online Meetings

When you’re planning an online meeting, you have to more than hope participants are paying attention! In fact, you want to inspire them to be engaged and present. For that to happen, your online meeting needs to be structured. It needs to be designed and catered to your audience. After all, what’s the purpose otherwise? Why spend the time gathering the troops to go over progress reports or open up the lines of communication to brainstorm a pitch if the only sound heard is crickets? With a more interactive approach to your online meetings, you can expect high engagement, better absorption of information, and a more thorough understanding of your content. Maybe even a little fun! Let’s get down to... Read More

8 Questions You Should Consider When Selecting A Webinar Platform

For every business, it’s all about educating and providing customers and prospects an exceptional service or product. It’s about showcasing your offering in a way that speaks their language, bringing to their attention that what you’ve got is what they want. How does a business stick out from the clutter? The key is to engage your audience. Use video to add to the overall experience of connection. When a video conferencing platform is utilized for online meetings, you’ll see firsthand how engagement goes up. If you want to truly connect with your audience, extend your reach, and direct your messaging, start creating and hosting online events like webinars, teleseminars, and webcasts. Sound like a tall order? It doesn’t have to... Read More

How Psychologists Can Use Video Conferencing to Treat Patients

Millions of people around the world are seeing the benefits of making the shift to online therapy for mental health treatment. What works in real life – an open dialogue between a patient seeking professional help and a licensed professional who can offer it – is now available online with video conferencing technology. People are resorting to online counseling and therapy for the effective treatments of depression, addiction, anxiety, relationship problems, mental health disorders and so much more as a way to heal, face their trauma and get answers. The use of technology (otherwise known as telemedicine) has blown open the rate and convenience of therapeutic care for patients by way of overall feasibility including accessibility, cost, opportunity, and a... Read More
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