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iotum brings User Managed solutions to the communication and collaboration marketplace. iotum is creating powerful, flexible tools that make seamless virtual communication and collaboration a reality at very low costs. Whether you are a Reseller, Enterprise, or White Label, iotum can partner with you to develop a high value, low cost program that supports your needs.

Affiliates & Agents

Linking Commerce and Content

We offer a variety of affiliate relationships where we pay commission for new customer sign ups to our conferencing services. We work with content driven web sites where their expertise, traffic and endorsements can earn significant additional revenue. Online merchant websites who already draw customers to purchase can use their related businesses to up-sell conferencing services.

We also welcome inquiries from Affiliate Networks (Brokers) that utilize their network of storefronts, co-branding and direct sign-up capabilities.

Program Features

  • Flexible commission structure
  • Detailed traffic reports verified by Omniture
  • Co-branding and marketing programs
  • Product value provides easy sales opportunity

Leverage your existing network with a product that sells itself…simple, convenient and reliable conferencing service at little or no cost. Get started now.



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Resellers & Distributors

iotum’s flexible tools for communication and collaboration are available for you and your customers, so you can add value to your current services and generate additional revenue with very little effort from you. Current clients include social networks, targeted industry software services (e.g., finance, legal, sales), business services, and online communications platforms.

Added Value Conferencing and Collaboration Services for Your Business

From a simple API plug-in to a customized solution, we’ll work with you to create new added value conferencing and collaboration services for you and your customers.

Program Features:

  • Development of a customized plan by our sales and marketing team to meet your business objectives
  • Audio and web conferencing options
  • Complete integration and technical support
  • Flexible volume based (tiered) pricing structure
  • Competitive revenue share program
  • Exclusive reservationless or Toll Free numbers
  • Secure, reliable and crystal clear 100% digital connections
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customized weekly reporting
  • Flexible billing options


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White Label

Your industry is specialized and your business is unique…your conferencing solution
should be also.

Is conferencing part of your branding effort? It should be. Take advantage of the opportunity to run your own simple, on-demand conferencing service customized to extend your brand. Build your business with our help.


  • Audio and web conferencing solutions
  • 100% digital, secure, reliable, crystal clear connections
  • Online tools for administration and organization of conferences
  • Award winning service- PC World, Webby, and SB Technology
  • Dedicated dial-in numbers and access codes
  • Sub-account management
  • Moderator Controls
  • Customized wallet cards
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Daily and weekly post-conference summary reports
  • Outlook Add-ins for super easy scheduling from meeting requests


+1-800-598-2045 (Toll-free)


iotum continues to build its overseas services focusing on Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond; bringing domestic numbers to non–U.S. conferencing participants using national number plans.

International “in country” dial-in numbers are available in over 50 countries around the world with GlobalConference.

iotum serves the Spanish speaking international marketplace with ConferenciasInstantaneas.

UK-based conferencing services are also available at

Inquiries into international telco partnerships are welcomed.


+1-800-598-2045 (Toll-free)

Carrier Partners

Join our growing network of communications solutions providers today. International partner inquiries welcome.

Telephone: +1 800 598 2045 (Toll-free) 

Fax: +1 323 467 7988